Zalogina — caring for orchids at home


Fans of international detectives well-known successful detective Nero Wolfe.

And he used to do logic puzzles for detention of criminals in the greenhouse, caring for amazing Orchids. And certainly among the numerous types have grown there, and Alogena.

The birthplace of this flower – the Pacific coast. But that does not stop those who took the risk to grow orchids, to enjoy at home a beautiful panicles, dotted with yellow flower zeami surrounded by white petals.

Zalogina — care tips

 Location and lighting

Orchids prefer rather shaded lighting than direct sunlight. So Relogio trying to keep in East or West Windows. And even if a flower in the summer bring to the open air, it is necessary to provide good shade.

But the ordinary light of day, the Orchid is not enough. Therefore, in the room where he lives Zalogina, should illuminate fluorescent lights (especially in winter). Biological light day for this plant is 14 hours.


Among the Orchids there are many types, each with their own quirks. And Zalogina: one grade can be thermophilic, the other frost.

Therefore, creating temperature conditions for the cultivation of Zalogina, you need to know exactly which subspecies of Orchids on your windowsill.

Watering and humidity

Another whim of Orchids is moisture. The air must be sufficiently moist. Therefore, in the hot season the flower pot you need to keep on the pan with a wet expanded clay and the plant itself should be 2-3 times a day to irrigate.

It is impossible to prevent drying of the soil. But the water in the usual way Zalogina not – flower pot on time, put in a container with filtered soft water. And pull, when the ground substrate is moistened.


After a period of rest and until flowering, it needs every week to be fed a special fertilizer for orchids. The food should be not only the roots of the diluted composition is sprayed leaves and stems of the plant.

Once Zalogina bloom organics is deposited only in the root zone, and the frequency of supply is reduced to 1 times a month.

Transplantation and propagation

Special graphics transplantation Zalogina does not exist – the flowers change the pot as needed when the plant ceases in the month.

On the bottom of the tank for a fairly large plant it is recommended to put a special «ballast» (gravel, small stones) to the pot under the weight of the Orchids is not overturned.

Propagated Celogin with the separation fairly well-developed Bush to pieces. Each of them must be not only shoots, but also new pseudobulb.

Pests and fight with them

The most ardent «fan» of the flower is the spider mite. But you can find such pests as aphids and whiteflies. To use to fight them with chemicals, you must be careful.

It is better to wash off the parasites with water, put the pot with Teleginoy under a warm shower. Before these pests as possible gently removed from the plants by hand.

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