Yucca — care at home


Yucca - care at home

At home, in the tropics, Yucca is an industrial crop – fiber, which is then used for making burlap, ship ropes, and even add in a denim fabric.

In our colder latitudes, this plant is grown exclusively indoors, and a decorative culture.

To meet this about the palm not only in the offices of many flower growers have got such a beauty in the apartments.

Yucca care

Yukka well accustomed to local conditions, but illiterate farming is able to destroy the plant. Therefore, growing this crop at home, try it is good to care.

Irrigation is the main component which fully affects the health of ornamental plants. When talking about the fact that the vegetative period of the Plant should be watered abundantly, do not take it too literally.

Better parch the earth, than to fill the roots from excess moisture, they can rot. And need to be watered skillfully – do not allow water inside the sockets.

But the humidity of the air Yucca care is not picky – she quietly tolerates dryness, and spraying. Moreover, the plant sometimes need to «bathe», removing with it leaves dust. But do not substitute a moist plant under the direct rays of the sun.

«Dry» Yuka happy to soak up the sun. So give her that opportunity at least 2 hours a day. If it is not possible to keep the flower near the South window, Yucca easily withstand shading, the main thing – not to be damp.

In our conditions this is a tropical plant exists quietly under a moderate air temperature (+22 – 250C). If you decide to send in the winter «hibernation», maintain the room temperature within 8 – 120C (but not below).

Other grooming requirements

Even observing all of the major modes of care for the Yucca, you can give her a lot of inconvenience, for example, choosing the wrong pot.

The plant prefers a more natural material, so choose pottery that is appropriate to the size of the root.

Incorrectly selected a place on which to stand flower pot with Yucca, can cause disease

Yucca - care at home


Try not to put a palm tree on the drafts, and keep away from heaters.

Do not fertilize the Plant in winter. But in the spring and during the summer, with an interval of 3-4 weeks to make the universal soil fertilizers.

But if the plant for some reason get sick from feeding will have to give.

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