Worst watermelon pests and methods of combating them

watermelon pests (wireworm)

The worst pests of watermelon, and all melons in General are wireworms, spider mites, bocheva aphids, thrips, sprout fly some birds.

Wireworms are yellowish in colour and solid.

In General, the larvae of click beetles, and not real wireworms – the larvae of darkling beetles.

These soil pests of watermelons eat young root system, causing the young plants to die.

A lot of these watermelon pest accumulates in places where a lot of food, that is weeds, especially perennials.

To rid the place of cultivation of melons of wireworms and false wireworms, time to get rid of weeds.

Another worst enemy of watermelons bocheva aphids. They settle in colonies on the stems develop quickly and after a few weeks can stick round the whole plant.

Aphid-a small insect yellowish or greenish-black in color. They destroy flowers and the ovary, sucking all the juice.

The underside of the leaves curl and die. Actively developed in moderately humid and warm weather. During the growth of watermelon, if not to fight with them appears about 14 generations.

You need to fight with them in the beginning of development. By clicking on the link, you will learn methods of dealing with aphids.

The following representative pests of watermelons spider mites. Favorable period for the emergence and development of insects, hot and dry summer.

They settle on the underside of leaves, and its small cobweb entwine the entire surface. After that, the leaves become small, the light areas, then the leaves discolor and die.

You need to very carefully monitor the occurrences of these pests, and start fighting at the beginning of detection.

Not to resort to chemical methods of struggle in the initial stages of development the infected leaves are cut off and burned.

Thrips are small insects, yellow or brown. They are very mobile have a narrow elongated body.

For watermelons the greatest harm is caused by tobacco thrips. These pests pierce the leaves of melons near veins and suck out the juice.

Damaged areas can be detected by a whitish spots that develop into dark brown. Also enormous damage to watermelons can cause the sprout of the larvae of flies.

pests of watermelon (the larva of a fly germ)

They have a dirty white color. These insects damage the roots of young plants and seeds. From the seeds of watermelon these pests suck out the contents.

The greatest danger of the larvae is applied during swelling of seeds. They also penetrate into the stalk and damage the sprouts. During the vegetation period, there are 3 generations.

To fight these pests of watermelons can be applied before flowering — 3 processing any «musinum» insecticide, period of a week. The fruit is not affected.

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