Woodwardia — care at home


Woodwardia refers to large evergreen ferns of the family Asplenietea.

It comes from the wet subtropics India, China, Japan and the Mediterranean coast and, like all ferns do not bloom.

The plant has long, wide pinnate leaves, at a young age they reddish hue, then take a dark green color.

At room conditions grown many types of plants, the most popular «virgin», «rough», «cellular» and «rooting».

Cultivation of woodwardii

 Location and lighting

To the level of lighting is not demanding: it grows well in a well lit room, and in terms of light dimming. It is advisable not to put Woodward on the South window, and do not expose to direct sunlight.


In the summer the room in which contains the plant should be moderately warm (18-20°C) in winter – cooler (preferably to 18°C, but not below 12°C).

Watering and humidity

Like moderate but not skimpy watering. In the spring and summer watered regularly and more abundantly, but not flooding and not allowing the drying of the soil. In the winter, if the room is cool, pour is rare, but also, avoiding excessive drying of the soil.

As a tropical plant, this fern needs high humidity, if the air is too dry, the plant may die.

It almost sprayed daily (in hot days it is advisable to do this twice a day), in addition, the pot is put in a tray of wet pebbles or expanded clay.


From spring to autumn the fern fed every 2 weeks, alternating organic and mineral fertilizers, reduce the dose by half in relation to the recommended. With mid-autumn and throughout the winter, feeding is stopped.

Transplantation and propagation

Each spring, woodwardia transplanted into a larger pot. The substrate taken of the following composition: turf and leaf earth, humus, peat and sand (less than half the other components).

This plant requires a good supply of oxygen to the roots, so you need to regularly loosen the earth.

The fern reproduces brood buds, which together with the roots are formed at the vayah. They are cut together with a part of Vai and planted in the pot.

Pests and fight with them

Scale – the main enemy of woodwardii. With the defeat of the leaves these insects make a soapy solution and moistened her sponge, wipe the leaves. If that’s not enough, use special tools – insecticides.

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