Wooden porch for the house in the country

the ganks

Garden house without a porch will look as if unfinished.

And what would have been the style at the building entrance door at the level of the facade, will look lonely and unattractive.

Even if it is decorated with decor elements, will still be a feeling that something is missing.

Besides the wooden porch to the house you need for other reasons.

Because of abundant precipitation in the winter, or the danger of flooding in the spring many summer residents built their houses in which the floor of the first floor is at a height of 1 m from the surface of the earth.

In order to get in the necessary stairs that is attached to the house. Over it put it on the canopy is to close from rain and snow.

The last stage is the size of the site. This structure is called the porch.

Minimum pad size of 1.5 m by 1.5 m, but of course for the comfort the size of the porch it is better to do more, to be able to put a bench and a table.

Width of a ladder should be such that it could, without interfering with each other to disperse 2 (1,2-1,3 m).

It is the porch is built just below the door threshold and floor level, with slight slope from the house, to ensure that water does not stagnate and flowed to the ground.

For ease of movement on the stairs, it should not be more than 40°. If the height of a porch involves more than 3 steps, it is desirable to make the rails.

They must withstand the load of an adult, and the height from the lower to the upper point not less than 1.1 m.

The steps on the porch also needs to be durable and withstand the weight of 2 adults. To

wooden porch

also, it is desirable to have a common Foundation with the house, especially those areas where the ground is moving.

Width of stairs should be 30-35cm and the height is 18-20cm. In this case the stairs will be much easier.

Stairs and railings should be treated with drugs that protect wood from decay and fire.

The edges of steps, you can process rubber pads to prevent formation of ice in the winter.


how to decorate a porch

For decorating porch, very good use of the flowers are perennials.

They can be put plants along the stairs and around the porch.

Will be very good if around the perimeter to plant Amur grape, when it will grow, it will decorate the whole building from top to bottom.

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