Wood paneling (lining)

lining (lining)

Wood paneling (lining) is nothing like a decorative Board, which is perfect for covering the inner side areas, mainly walls, ceilings and doors.

For example, garden houses and other buildings in the country.

Made of solid wood, timber is the most environmentally friendly material of all currently known.

Keeping a lot of useful properties, which can only have natural wood, wood paneling covers the walls, changing room sizes and creates a special atmosphere of comfort and security.

The production of modern lining is carried out using different varieties of wood, most often oak, pine, fir, alder, larch or Linden.

Each variety has its advantages and disadvantages, its own special requirements, so the correct choice of material always corresponds to the environment in which it will be stored and used linings in the construction process.

The important point in the manufacturing process of wooden siding it is dry.

Higher quality will have the material, the drying of which was performed in vacuum-impulse drying chambers, which ensures fast and uniform drying of the wood, resulting in high-quality, durable and beautiful boards.

Today, besides the usual lining, a lining.

the trim lining (lining)

The main difference between these two types are as different as wood processing, various types of profile, size of Board, and a special vent groove on the rear side lining.

In addition, in the manufacture of the lining we use only selected wood is very good quality, corresponding to the accepted European standards.

Basic profiles that may be presented by lining that is «standard», «condition», «Softline», «American» and «Landau».

Main parameters of wood siding consist of length, width and thickness of the Board. The greater the length of the lining, the more expensive it will cost.

This is due to the difficulties that may arise in the selection of materials with the necessary parameters.

Another important quality of the selected view is lining her profile. Profile don’t part with groove-ridge and includes elements to connect multiple carts together.

And finally, the last condition for determining the suitability of a lining is its variety.

The production of quality lining usually is carried out in accordance with the German standards which virtually eliminate the presence of cracks, knots, rot, traces of vital activity of insects, discoloration and other harmful phenomena on the surface of the finished Board.

By adhering to these standards, the grade of lining may vary from the lowest «C» to the highest «A» and special class «E».

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