Wood ash as fertilizer

Wood ash as fertilizer

Cultivated plants are lucky in the sense that they develop through proper farming practices.

Soil for vegetable gardens and gardens with time exhausted, so the culture loses nutrients.

One of the important aspects of caring for fruit trees, vegetables and flowers is soil application of fertilizers.

Mindlessly it can’t be – the plants should receive those items which they do not have enough for normal development in certain periods of their lives.

Every culture has its own preferences in the choice of dressings. So in selling a wide range of fertilizers.

And among them there are universal that will fit almost any plant, regardless of the phase of its development.

Wood ash

The main ones in the diet are considered to be fertilizers, which include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. If all these 3 components are combined in equal proportions in the same composition, then the drug is called complex fertilizer.

Such is the wood ash as fertilizer more complex procedure than, for example, Nitrophoska.

The ash contains not even a triple symbiosis of basic nutritional components in its composition has almost all the elements that are missing plants.

But at the same time they are poorly available, so wood ash is necessary to use for feeding more than other fertilizers.

There are many in its composition and the ballast particles, which deteriorate the soil structure. Therefore it is not necessary to apply the fertilizer in its pure form. It is dissolved in water in certain concentration, to defend and several times filtered.

Some gardeners is considered wood ash as fertilizer clean lime. Therefore, and only used as a reclamation tool for soil acidification.

And other used ash for the control of pests and plant diseases, adding the infusion to the soil upon detection of powdery mildew, Sawfly and moth.

Tips for using fertilizer

Wood ash as a fertilizer is very good for many cultures. But to make it in the ground with caution, because this dressing is able to increase the pH immediately on the unit. But such a leap soil acidity is not always beneficial to the soil.

To use the ash as fertilizer annually is not possible – 1 time in 2 or 3 years. While you must adhere to certain dosages for each square meter of area – glass of infusion.

Ash must be wood, without any impurities you should not mix it with coal to increase.

Harvest ash — fertilizer in advance, in October, the month of November. When burning wood it is not necessary to throw on the bonfire of fallen leaves, plastic bottles and other debris. When the ash has cooled, it is collected in boxes or buckets and stored until spring.

Diluted wood ash contribute to vegetable beds or under the roots of fruit trees and shrubs. In dry form can be scattered through the area before digging. Often the fertilizer added to the planting mix.

Recipes using wood ash

To feed vegetable crops wood ashes can already at the stage of growing seedlings:

Wood ash as fertilizer

  • The planting mix composed of compost, humus (1 part) and sand (2 parts), for cabbage, for example, add another 2 cups of wood ash.


  • But for peppers, eggplants and tomatoes 3 cups of ash can be mixed with peat and manure.

The food is good immunoprophylaxis means. Wood ashes are treated with the rhizome of the plant, damaged when transplanting.

She is introduced to the mixture to wash the trees (1 part) along with clay (4 parts) and mullein (1 part). In the diluted composition it is possible to add urea (0.5 cups) and micronutrients (a few pills).

The crust is such a whitewash protected from pests, and at the same time the tree receives the necessary nutrients.

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