Women’s happiness — home care

Women's happiness - home care

Every woman wants at least a piece of happiness, but not everything in this life.

So you’ll have to take matters into their own hands and at least it on the windowsill to grow a little miracle called Spathiphyllum.

The people of this flower is called «Women’s happiness». You look, and in reality it will appear in the house.

Women’s happiness – home care

Care «women’s happiness» is not so complicated. And if somewhere broke the mode, flower definitely will signal their pieces. So be careful about your «happiness».

  • — Lighting. Light is necessary for any living creature. But «women’s happiness» the main thing is not to overdo it.

Direct sunlight is not desirable, even harmful. Therefore, the best option would be to set flower pots on the South-West or South-East.

  • — Watering. But drinking «happiness» loves. So you need to water it often. In particularly hot days and during the winter the radiators in addition to watering the leaves of the plant need to moisturize.


If the room is too dry, the flower pot set in a tray of water or a wet expanded clay. Near you can supply another water container.

  • — Fertilizing. «Women’s happiness» in the home need to feed mineral water once a month. But if the plant bloomed, he needs more strength.

Then make fertilizer needed in 2 times more often. As a nutritional approach any composition for houseplants.

  • — Transplant. Transplant «women’s happiness» in the home is recommended as needed. But some growers do this regularly in the spring.

Pot to transplant every time I take a little bit bigger than the previous one (width).

The soil in this suit universal (but every time a new). The main condition for the transplant – a good drainage system. Flower pot one-third should be filled with expanded clay.

Disease. The main reason for the «malaise» flowers can be called improper care. The careful grower will immediately notice the changes that have occurred with the plant:

  • — Darkened the tips of the leaves. Or the room is too dry cold air Women's happiness - home care

    or forgotten «women’s happiness» to water.


  • The yellowing on the leaves. You should pay off on the water. Maybe it is too hard or contains chlorine.


  • — Paint faded on the leaves. So, «happiness» is not enough sunlight. Not worth it to keep in the shadows.


  • The flower dries up, no matter what. Time to prepare for pest control – thrips and scale insects.


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