Withindia — care at home


Tropical whitfieldia only conditionally applies to indoor plants.

This annual weed, often after flowering just throw.

However, caring growers and create conditions that enable him to delight the eye for several years.

This plant in natural conditions and greenhouses grows to 2 m in the pot reaches 50 cm.

It has oval dark-green leaves with slightly wavy edges. In the summer the flowers are about 5 cm long in racemes, white or red.

Cultivation of whitfieldia

 Location and lighting

This light-loving flower, the best feeling in the room with an intense but diffused light.

The perfect place for him East or West window. When placing the pot on the South side in summer, plant shade.

You can not prevent the finding of whitfieldia for – this leads to leaf drop and weakens the plant.


Wittily relates to heat-loving plants. In warm time of the year comfortable for her temperature is 23-28°C.

In winter, it is only slightly reduced to 18-20°C. If the room is cold (below +16°C), the plant may die.

Watering and humidity

In the period of active vegetation is very important to regularly and moderately abundant watering (at least 2 times a week). Winter watering with the same frequency, only reducing the amount of water.

Whitfieldia hygrophilous, so its leaves are often sprayed with a mild, preferably a little warm water, making sure she didn’t fall on the flowers. To replace spraying can be put next to the container of wet gravel or water.


If the flower is grown as an annual, fertilizing is not needed. When the content as perennials fertilize it 1 once a month from spring to autumn. For this purpose, complete fertilizer.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplantation of whitfieldia usually not needed, and it propagated stem cuttings in summer separated by a sharp knife, perpetuate in moist sand or soil and planted in pots.

The most suitable soil is slightly acidic (pH 5.5 to 6) a mixture of turf land (take 4 parts) and coarse sand (part 1), you can also add a little peat. You can use ready-purpose blend, but it is better to prepare such a composition.

Pests and fight with them

Whitfieldia rarely attacked by insects. Sometimes it appear scale insects or mealy bug.

To fight them use standard tools – insecticides, pre-clearing the leaves with a soap solution.

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