Winter storage of tuberous begonias

Winter storage of tuberous begonias

Beautiful flowering Begonias – a real decoration of any suburban area. Despite the fact that the perennials, not all varieties of this plant have survived the winters. Only Bush types can be left in the cold season in the ground. But the tuberous begonias have to be dug up and sent to storage.

Preparation of tubers for the winter

To the peculiarities of Begonias is the fact that immediately after flowering the plant goes dormant. And it smells color is it to the frost.

Before you arrange storage in winter, tuberous Begoniasmust be prepared for that.

  • Wilting plants suggests that began withering away of the ground part. Therefore, the stems should be completely cut off as soon as the leaves fall off the Bush.
  • Left the bulb a couple of weeks should be in the ground to full maturity. It is in this period is the preparation of future planting material to reproduce. Finally ripened tuber will survive the winter.
  • Carefully dig up the tuber, it is cut frozen pieces and cleaned of dirt.
  • Should be dry under natural ventilation in a dry room.

After 2 weeks of planting material is finally purified from the ground and remove the remains of the stems. The tubers are ready for planting for the winter.

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The conditions of winter storage

Winter storage of tuberous Begonias requires an optimum temperature of about 10°C and moderate humidity (about 50%), in the absence of light.

Therefore, a good place is the cellar, where the tubers will be in boxes filled with peat and sawdust (or moss).

But the basement is only in private households. The apartments will have to be limited to the refrigerator, wrapped tubers in a plastic bag, filled with the same substrate.

In both cases, you need to monitor the moisture content of peat. So that the tubers do not dry out the substrate as needed to moisturize. The boxes with the peat water, the pack is enough to irrigate.

Stacking Begonia tubers in boxes of peat, it is desirable to place them at a distance from each other. When stored in the fridge this condition is difficult to achieve, so it is recommended for each tuber to take a separate bag with peat.

Or more likely to view the condition of the material, separating the damaged tubers.

If the Begonia did not grow outdoors and indoors, to pull out of a flower pot is not necessary – simply cut off the stems, and to monitor the soil moisture.

Wintering young tubers begonias

Together with older tubers are dug out and their «kids». They are still weak and not fully ripe. Therefore, keep the youngsters along with older tubers is not worth it.

It is better to provide the hotel Tara. And the best option would be a fridge.

For begonia kids is very important the moisture content of the substrate. If it dries, bullocki will die. If the peat is too too wet, the tubers will begin to rot.

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Preparing for the spring after winter storage

Winter storage of tuberous begonias

Especially carefully it is necessary to care for your Begonia tubers in the late winter, when they Wake up from hibernation. In this period begin to sprout buds, so that each tuber is better to cut into pieces, preparing for the upcoming planting.

Place slices necessarily pripudrivayut wood ashes or charcoal, or grey.

From young nodules of the first buds to break off better. Plant them in spring in open ground with adult roots not worth it – better to place in a flower pot.

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