Winter storage of bulbs of gladiolus, Dahlia

storage of bulbs of gladioluses

Fall bulbs gladiolus, dahlias need to remove for winter storage, in the open ground they will not be able to survive the winter.

The profusion of flowering in the following year will depend on how well the bulbs will be prepared for the winter and retained.

Storage of bulbs of gladioluses

Since gladioli are heat-loving plant and does not tolerate freezing temperatures, then store the bulbs definitely need a warm room.

Early varieties of gladioli are dug in the second half of September, two weeks late. Before digging up the bulbs must be cut or mow stalks, and then select from the soil all the kids and put them in a drawer.

Then they should clear the land and handle the special means for prevention of diseases.

Below the bulbs are dried out well, they need to be folded into a box and placed in a dry ventilated room for about 7-10 days.

Some growers recommend storing bulbs in the ash. After the tubers are dry and must be separated from the old bulbs, to take away children and put on winter storage at a temperature of from 6°C to 10°C.


Storing bulbs dahlias

Dahlia bulbs stored very poorly, so winter storage is their weak point. There are varieties that form small tubers until spring very difficult to keep.

Late summer frost in any region are approximately at the same time. The first morning frosts in our zone there at the end of August.

As a rule, they are mild and short, so if to cover dahlias spunbond, then they will not suffer.

You also need to take care of the root collar of the plant. Quite often after rain or watering the ground near the root collar erodes.

For this reason, before frost dahlias Spud. After strong frosts will break the stem should dig up the roots.

If this is not done, then when the warm weather I can Wake up and grow buds. And it will only weaken the plant and it may not survive the winter.

Dahlia bulbs are usually dug in the first half of October, and before that they need to protect from frost.

The first thing you need to do is trim the stem about ten centimeters and dig around the plant in a circle.

With a shovel, carefully remove from the earth the bulbs. Pull the plant stalk is impossible. After the tubers are dug they should be well washed and leave for a week in a dark dry place.

This is perfect basement. In these conditions in healthy roots starts the corkiness of the skin.

Due to this, the moisture from the tuber does not evaporate. If the bulbs are kept in a warm place, they start to rise and the plant will weaken.

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