Winter garden in the house

winter garden in the house

Almost every gardener dreams of Paradise a green corner in your house.

After all, flowers are not only beautiful, but also very useful for health, because the plants in photosynthesis produce oxygen.

In our article we will discuss on how to realize the dream of a winter garden.

First, you need to choose a suitable place for the location of the garden. This can be a loggia or attic. It all depends on the location of your apartment, and how much sunlight penetrates your Windows.

It is best to position your piece of Paradise in the Eastern part, as the sun in the morning to warm your plants, it protects them from overheating during the day.

But in the winter side is not recommended, as little light will fall on the flower. The Western orientation of the winter garden is most suitable for you, because being in this room all day, you will feel comfort. And in General in any well-lit room, you can position your piece of Paradise.

In the private sector of the garden can be placed in the Annex. The base extension can be made of aluminum profiles or wooden bars. The frame should be durable enough to withstand glazing.

Suitable glass with a mirror coating. The roof it is best to make transparent and at an inclination of 45°, don’t forget the sash for ventilation.

For the comfort of plants, except for necessary lights and heating. The most suitable temperature is +24°C day and 15°C at night.

It is also important to choose the land where you will plant any flower shop you can buy wholesale and the soil of excellent quality.

We must also remember that the room where you created the area, you need to ventilate. In case if the room is not enough lighting, you should near the plants to install the lamp, it is best for this fit fluorescent lighting.

And most importantly, your winter garden needs watering. Provide the best water plants automatic drip system irrigation.

Remember, water for irrigation should be room temperature, otherwise your colors will get sick and wither.

When you select residents for your winter garden should be guided by the climatic characteristics of plants, their needs for lighting and moisture.

Performing simple rules, you will easily create a Paradise in his apartment. Good luck in this creative work, as creating a winter garden with his own hands!

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