Wine from grapes — recipes

Wine from grapes

Wine is an alcoholic beverage produced from grape juice or the pulp by fermentation.

Originated the viticulture and winemaking since ancient times.

For anybody not a secret that in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and some other ancient States grapes for wine cultivation began about 6-7 thousand years ago.

Then the wine-making culture is «picked up» Ancient Greece, which began to actively develop it.

Another 3 thousand years ago in Greece, has been cultivated for about 150 varieties of grapes from which produce hundreds of varieties of wine.

The popularity of the wine acquired during the period of the Roman Empire and spread to many countries.

In the middle Ages the development of viticulture and winemaking passed into the hands of the monasteries. And so gradually the wine was spread throughout Eurasia and other continents.

Wines have different classifications. Basic is the classification for sugar and alcohol. It is isolated:

  • Table wines containing up to 14% alcohol. Among them, depending on the amount of sugar distinguish between sweet, dry and semi-dry.
  • Fortified wines, which contain from 12 to 20% alcohol and are classified in «Sahara» strong, sweet, dessert sweet, liqueur and flavored.
  • Sparkling wines, which have different content of alcohol and sugar and saturated with carbon dioxide. The most famous among them, of course, champagne.

 Depending on the colors distinguish:

  • White wine, uses exclusively white grape varieties.
  • Red wines are made from varieties of red grapes.
  • Pink wine, which is used both white and red grapes together.

If you wish, you can make wine from grapes yourself, even in the absence of such experience.

Wine from grapes

The simplest is the recipe that requires 10 kg unwashed but cleaned of debris of grapes and 3 kg of sugar.

The grapes are placed in enamel bucket and carefully perekinut pestle. After a selection of juice, a bucket cover with gauze and put on 5 days for primary fermentation in a warm place. You need every day to mix grape juice.

After surfacing on the surface of the pulp, and juice filtered through cheesecloth and the pulp a good squeeze. The resulting juice is mixed with sugar and placed in a glass bottle or jar.

On the necks of the containers, wear, pierced several times with a needle, medical rubber glove.

Wine from grapes

Now we have to wait for the final fermentation, which will take place in about a month. This will become clear from dobrzyca glove.

The wine is bottled and left for a week to defend. Then re-poured into new bottles, making sure that the sediment remains in the old.

Do this procedure 3 times, after which the wine is left alone,» another month and a half in a cool place. You can now enjoy your homemade wine.

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