Windmill palm care at home

Windmill palm

To make at home magic tree do not have to dream of the exotic.

For example, in the South of the Crimean Peninsula resort visitors enjoy the shade under the broad fan-shaped leaves of the windmill palm.

You can grow a palm tree at home, if you purchase a potted version of this plant.

But then you should be prepared for the fact that some of the furniture will have from the apartment to remove the windmill palm in the home grows into a large specimen. It is really a tree with a broad crown that can reach a height of over 2.5 m.

In the apartment to keep the windmill palm will have until that moment, until the plant reaches the ceiling and then will need to transport it to the cottage or to give to friends that have a spacious house (in the extreme case to relocate the windmill palm in a greenhouse or Conservatory).

Windmill palm care at home

 Location and lighting

It is from the conditions in which will evolve the palm tree depends on how it will be beautiful and healthy.

Buying windmill palm, just need to be prepared for the fact that the best window seat will be allotted to this plant.

The more sunlight, the more comfortable life the palm. But, despite the fact that the windmill palm in natural conditions grows under direct sunlight, it’s better in the trees to provide indirect lighting.


The windmill palm plant is thermophilic. And for him, summer is the best period. But it is not necessary to establish in the indoor environment where the tree grows, «conservation» air – the room should be regularly aired.

If possible in the warm season tree is better to move to the balcony or garden plot. In winter, when there is a relative period of rest for the windmill palm, maintained at a temperature in the range of 14-16°C.

Despite the fact that this palm in natural conditions endures the cold room it is better to avoid hypothermia.

The windmill palm watering and humidity

It would seem that a large plant needs abundant watering. But with a windmill palm in the home is not the case – better not to water than to bring to rotting of the roots.

The interval between waterings (water without chlorine) should be kept such that the soil in the flower pot had a little dry (but not harden). But humidity needs to be taken to the windmill palm in the home is important.

While watering the plant itself is impossible (otherwise the leaves appear to rot). Better in the room to put the humidifier on or near a plant container of water. And once a month is an easy warm shower.


Special feeding windmill palm does not require – it is quite suitable conventional fertilizers, which are used for houseplants.

Only the concentration of the solution for trees should be 2 times reduced from that recommended on the package.

During the rest of the windmill palm fertilizing is not needed. Therefore, the diluted composition during irrigation is applied directly in the ground in the period from April to September and 1 time per month.

Transplantation and propagation of windmill palm

Regular transplanting the windmill palm does not require – just as the growth of the trees. When the pot becomes too small, the tree is transferred to a new container handling. Try to keep the roots up to the ground.

And to propagate the windmill palm in the home better strong processes that oecause with a sharp knife from the parent trunk in the basal region.

The cut on the handle sprinkle «Carnevino», then the process planted into the sand (do not forget to constantly moisturize). And set aside the penumbra of six months that’s how long rooting.

Windmill palm pests and their control

If the house «settled» windmill palm, we should expect a grueling fight against pests.

Most known indoor insect pests cause a lot palm

windmill palm

problems: scale insects, mealy bug, aphids, thrips.

To deal with them versatile insecticides. But first, you should rinse the leaves and trunk with a solution of household soap.

Possible – some pests to collect manually.

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