Wilcoxia — care at home


Wilcoxia home blooming cactus, under natural conditions lives in the American desert.

In pots grow several species of this plant, the most popular of them – «Wilcoxia white«, «Poselgeri» and «Smolla«.

They differ by the length of the stem, number and color of stickers. These cacti bloom in the spring and summer, flowers light purple, cream or white, 3-4 cm in diameter.

This cactus is unpretentious, the difficulty is only to create conditions for flowering (this requires a cold winter).

Growing wilcoxii

 Location and lighting

Philcoxia grows well in southern Windows in the summer to keep her on the balcony. However, it is important to protect from dust and rain.

The room in which the plant need to air. Winter possibly keep it in the coldest room.

Since this cactus is very light, it needs very good lighting. Well he feels, being under direct sunlight.


Wilcoxia demanding temperature conditions: summer suitable temperature is about +20-25°C and in winter not higher than +12°C, otherwise the plant will not flower).

Watering and humidity

Water the plant infrequently – in the summer about 1 time a week (if very hot – often). The amount of water when watering it is impossible to sharply reduce or increase.

Also be careful not to accumulate moisture in the soil by excessive watering and cold temperatures may rot the roots, so good drainage is required.

The water used is soft and slightly warm, if it is from the water to defend the day. Spray wilcoxia not necessary.


Fertilize the cactus phosphorus fertilizers, including superphosphate. Small quantities of added lime.

Ready concentrated fertilizer designed for cacti and succulents, can also be used. Using all the other supplements, the dose is reduced in 2 times. Are feeding 1-2 times per month from spring to autumn.

Transplantation and propagation wilcoxii

Transplant infrequently: if not actively growing – 1 time in 2-3 years. Use slightly acidic soil, the best option is sheet, clay-turf ground with the addition of charcoal and coarse sand containing gravel.

Use special substrate designed for cacti. Wilcoxia propagated by cuttings, seeds and grafting. In any method of planting the seedlings provide more care.

Pests and fight with them

Often this cactus is attacked by spider mites or scale insects. To get rid of them, wilcoxia carefully washed with soap and water, then treated with insecticides.

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