Why yellow onions

why yellow onions

The reasons for this phenomenon can be varied.

And if the yellow onion in June, it is considered to be abnormal phenomenon, to be rid of, and Vice versa closer to August the yellowing associated with maturation.

The most common cause of yellowing onion pen is the poverty of the soil, in particular due to the lack of nitrogen.

To restore the healthy state of the onions can be fed nitrogen fertilizer, and mineral complexes.

If the feather turns yellow onion, it is recommended that early in the season are more abundant watering, and since mid-summer, watering onions need to minimize, otherwise it will not be long stored, will rot.

Another reason that yellow onion can be pests. Need bulb caution to extract from the soil, and carefully examine and palpate.

With the defeat of the culture of larvae of the onion fly inside of the bulb is vacuum. If the suspicions are amplified, cut the onions in half, there should be larva.


To protect plants from pests, to practice mixed planting crops. Among gardeners is likely this method is gaining in popularity.

In particular, it is recommended to plant onions and carrots in the same bed, alternating. Specific smell of onions deters carrot fly and the smell of the carrot does not settle the onion fly.

Against pests helps shedding

why yellow onions

repellent compositions.

A mixture of lime and tobacco dust from the calculation (1:1). The approximate expenditure on 1.m about 10g. Apply the coating with a periodicity of 1 time every 15 days.

As mentioned above, yellow onion pen in the second half of summer, quite normal, watering should stop.

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