Why yellow leaves Yucca

yellow leaves Yucca

It would seem, tolerant of our local conditions, the Yucca plant begins to turn yellow and drop leaves.

Sometimes it can be the natural course of events called «evolution».

In this case, the lower leaves need to be withered, to have enough strength to grow again appeared, but on top.

All the other situation when yellow leaves Yucca, are considered abnormal, and are associated with poor care for a palm tree.

To further prevent the development of problems, work through the main causes of yellowing.

Yellow leaves Yucca — violated irrigation mode

Water is the source of life, but it can also it and «lose». For Yucca harmful both situations: twisted waterlogged, but excessive dryness of land will lead to disease. And, hence, to yellowing leaves.

Regular watering should take into account the degree of dryness of the soil in a flower pot. And for every season here has its own criteria:

  • Summer, water the Plant when dry the upper layer of the substrate.


  • In winter let the soil dry out more deeply, because in waterlogged during this period, the plant roots will rot.


But the drying will have a detrimental effect on the palm. In hard ground the roots are difficult to develop. Received less no power of earth or moisture, Yucca begins to give the signal «SOS», covering the leaves yellow.

Any problems arising from the root system, leading to its decay. This, in turn, provokes destruction by the fungus and development of disease. Yellow leaves Yucca often the climatic conditions in the room. For example, if in the summer the plant can easily tolerate the natural heat in the winter high temperature artificial heating cause the palm discomfort.

So the flower pot with the plant is best kept away from radiators or to move to a closed loggia.

Climate change should not be abrupt – a great temperature difference may introduce the Plant into shock. And she will react not only yellow, but will throw the leaves completely.

In closed heated rooms, the main problem for flowers is often dry air. The Yucca are not yellowing leaves, try to keep the apartment optimum moisture content.

If there is a special humidifier, often pour into the pan with the plant water, regularly spray it. And the battery can be spread out wet towels.

«Sparest» air don’t like Yucca. Therefore, ventilate the room in which she lives, you need to regularly.

Make sure that the color was not on the trajectory of the air flow from drafts Jukka is also starting to turn yellow.


When yellow leaves Yucca, it is necessary to take urgent measures to clarify causes and its fast

yellow leaves Yucca


Usually yellow does not directly affects the whole plant, and occurs in fragments (e.g. leaf tips).

This is a reason to be more attentive to the palm and understand what she wants.

Massive yellowing is already talking about a serious disease. And resuscitation will require much effort from you.

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