Why yellow leaves of the dracaena

yellow dracaena

Sometimes dracaena, often called a false palm tree leaves begin to turn yellow.

Causes yellowing of dracaena


  • violation of the light regime. The flower must be sufficiently illuminated. Preferable the ambient light. If yellow leaves of the dracaena, it might mean that it needed more lighting. This situation is mainly characteristic of the winter, when daylight is short.

Along with this need to protect the flower from direct sun, from which the leaves emerge yellowish spots from the burns. Over time, these spots are completely dry, which adversely affects the decorative plants;

  • the natural aging process. The ends of the leaves do not dry up rarely due to old age. The average lifetime of dracaena green is two years. After its life cycle, the leaves die. The aging process usually starts with the upper leaves. To Palma looked beautiful, she cut only the dried tips of the leaves, leaving the healthy green part;


  • unsuitable climatic conditions. Dracaena tolerates slight temperature changes in temperature. The lower limit for it is 15 degrees. At lower temperatures it is cold. The leaves begin to turn yellow and curl. To be too hot and dry indoor palm, too, don’t like, it becomes sluggish and dull. Not recommended to put the pot in the heating batteries, and in summer under the scorching rays of the sun.

If yellow leaves of the dracaena, this may indicate dry air and moisture. The plant must be sprayed every day, it is very useful warm shower procedure. Accumulated dust on the leaves should be removed with a damp sponge;

  • mistakes in watering. Too much soil moisture is bad for plants. This leads to root rot and as a result, the yellowing and leaf drop. For removal of excess water in the pot should be a drainage layer. Watering is carried out when the land dries from the top approximately half the length of the match. Used to defend or melt water with a temperature below room temperature. After irrigation it is recommended that tillage, which improves aeration of the root system.

Lack of moisture is also detrimental to flower. It is impossible to completely overdry earth com. Otherwise, the dracaena will start to drop leaves and may die.

  • the lack of nutrients in the substrate. The plant needs periodic dressing. It is very sensitive to the lack of nitrogen by wilting and yellowing of leaves. For feeding, use complex nitrogen-containing fertilizers. To avoid overdose it is necessary to strictly implement the recommendations of the manufacturer, since an excess of minerals are also harmful, as the lack of them.


  • Feed the plant with a frequency of 2 times per month during irrigation. Winter feeding usually do not.


pohovka leaves Drazen

As the soil in the container is depleted over time and gets contaminated with salts, which hinder the access of food to the roots, the dracaena is recommended after two years to be transplanted into another substrate.

Also, yellowing leaves can be caused by the invasion of harmful insects or diseases.

In fact, and in another case, the flower immediately treated with a special chemical agent.

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