Why yellow geranium leaves

yellow geranium

It happens that geranium, is especially loved by home gardeners, lose their beauty – green yellowish-brown shades.

There are several reasons due to which the yellow leaves of geranium:

Causes of yellowing leaves


  • flower planted in the wrong pot sizes. When planting you should select the capacity of the corresponding size. It should not be too large or too small. Optimally, if the diameter and the height of the pot does not exceed 15 cm In such capacity, the flower you will feel better;


  • insufficient nutrition of the soil. Soil mix for geraniums should consist of a mixture of sod land, peat and humus, which add some sand. This substrate is rich in organic nutrients. On the bottom of the pot to drain you need to pour a layer of small stones or clay pellets. In the absence of drainage may rot the roots due to water stagnation;


  • another reason why yellow geranium, errors in the choice of dressings. She is very responsive to organic and mineral fertilization. It is better to apply fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen-containing fertilizer must be used with great caution. As the excess nitrogen in the ground leads to yellowing of leaves. Beneficial effect on the condition of the flower pouring water with a few drops of iodine. When properly selected doses of fertilizing geraniums are lush and long-lasting blooms;


  • incorrect watering. If leaves turn yellow geranium, perhaps overly watered. She better tolerate slight drying than wetting. Need to be watered moderately warm water pooled, the drying of the earth from above. After watering the soil loosened to ensure air access to the root system. You must avoid extremes. Lack of moisture is also detrimental. In this case, the leaves wither, turn yellow and fall off, and flowering stops;


  • different diseases. In bacterial diseases of geranium becomes sluggish, stems and leaves are covered with ugly spots of a yellowish-brown color. Rust on leaves may appear as a result of the activities of harmful microorganisms. Fungal disease causes rotting of the stem and the appearance of spots on the leaves.

In these cases, you should replace the top soil layer,

yellow leaves geranium

it regularly to loosen and to limit watering. Affected leaves should be removed in time, without waiting for the spread of the spots.

Geraniums need to treat with antibacterial medication. Severely affected plants are destroyed to avoid infecting other house plants;

  • destruction of harmful insects. On geranium can stay harmful insects that suck the juice from the green mass. The invasion of the weevil, aphids, whitefly and mites can cause irreparable harm to the plant. Therefore, if you notice insects, you should immediately treat the plant with a special chemical agent. A good preventive effect spraying against insects flowers with a solution of aspirin at a concentration of 0.5 tablets per 4 litres of water.


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