Why yellow garlic

why yellow garlic

Very often, the gardeners, the question arises: Why yellow garlic?

In fact, there may be several reasons.

To determine why in your case, yellow leaves of garlic, you can use the method of logical exclusion.

Just eliminate all irrelevant factors to the side, and most importantly, mention their mistakes in the next season.

If winter garlic (planted in autumn), it is quite possible that it is frozen.

To avoid this next time, try to plant the cloves in late autumn (the last warm days), it is very important that they have taken root, but has not started to grow.

Planting time vary from region to region, so you have to watch the weather. Planted garlic to a depth of about 5cm, and the mulch will insulate from the frost. The height of the mulch is approximately 7cm.

Garlic leaves can also turn yellow if the soil in the garden sour, he likes neutral soil, also before planting, it would be good to make organic fertilizer (manure, humus).

Also, the cause of leaf yellowing is lack of nitrogen, which is best done in the spring.

Due to lack of moisture, also yellow garlic, so after the snow melts and the leaves, proryhlit the bed, and cover around the plants with mulch, it will protect the earth from rapid evaporation of water.

Don’t forget to water the garlic as needed because over-watering can also cause yellowing leaves.

Pests and diseases, which also is the cause not only yellowing of leaves, but General oppression of plants.

Diseases of garlic can cause are growing next to onions, potatoes, be sure that these plants were not neighbors. Positively on the growth and condition of the overall impact of the growing number of calendula and (or) mint.

Of the pests most common stem nematode. These are microscopic worms,

why yellow garlic

which is located in the lower part of the head, from whence come the roots.

If you suspect that is carefully dig up the affected plants and inspect it. If the scales are peeled off, and the unpleasant smell, then it is stem nematode.

Dig up affected plants from the ground and burn them outside the garden. Also if you lose root yellow mites garlic.

To deal with them and other pests, usually with chemical drugs, which is highly undesirable.

To prevent this problem, do not fit on one and the same place use the crop rotation crops in the garden.

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