Why yellow ficus

yellow ficus

They were firmly stuck in our homes with his presence refreshing the indoor air.

But to have this beautiful tree was healthy, it is necessary to surround with attention.

Insufficient or improper care can cause various abnormalities in the appearance of the plants.

The ficus tree has yellow leaves

We are accustomed to the fact that the yellowing leaves on the trees outside the window is a sign of the onset of autumn. But with plants the situation is somewhat different.

The ficus is only natural yellowing of the lower leaves, that is «old» give way «to young». Thus the plant controls the supply of nutritious juices to every leaf.

But if yellowing ficus mass of the whole crown, then we are talking about the violation of modes of care of a plant. Or is it a sign of disease. In this situation it is necessary to take urgent measures in order not to lose the tree.

The causes of the yellowing ficus

If you find that your ficus yellow actively and abundantly, analyze all aspects of the care of a plant to find the cause of this behavior. And the sooner you can rebuild, the better off it will be a ficus.

This tropical plant is able to experience stress. And the reasons can be different: incorrectly selected when transplanting a flower pot or the substrate, and change of residence (even corner to corner).

Improper lighting (or rather the lack of it) affects the leaves change colors.

Over-watering is another reason why ficus turn yellow. Regularly check the soil in the flower pot. But attention should be paid not on the upper layer «sees the root».

Have a wooden bar along the length equal to the depth of a flower pot is to measure the humidity have to the bottom.

Ficus, though a tropical plant, but does not like too hot sun – in the summer tree it is better to move away from the window. In winter it is impossible to keep the plant near heating appliances.

Very detrimental to the ficus drafts. So first determining the place under the plant, try not to expose it to cold air flow. For the same reason do not keep a ficus in the room with

yellow ficus

air conditioning.

Perhaps the plant does not have enough nutrients. Remember when you last fertilized.

When I noticed that the ficus tree turns yellow, take the study. Inspect each leaf, and soil in the flower pot.

Perhaps you will find there are pests, which became the reason of the color change of the leaves on the ficus.

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