Why seedlings stretched?

Why seedlings stretched?

Less farmers have to buy seedlings at the market, preferring to grow it yourself.

Those who have plots of land, it is easier – they can for this purpose to equip in the backyard greenhouse.

What do the cottagers, who live in high-rise buildings? They wriggle out of the situation, the cultivation of vegetable seedlings on the window sills (in plastic cups).

Someone good at such experiments, and someone complains: the seedlings are stretched excessively and prematurely.

Reasons for rapid seedling growth

Not having time to take root, thin stems of the seedlings became hard to reach up. And the result is painful vegetable «plants» that «fall out» of the Cup.

Planting in the open ground but it’s too early – does not fit the season, and to grow seedlings in containers is undesirable. In order to avoid such situation, you need certainly to know the reason from which you can grow seedlings.

Favorable for rapid plant growth are the following conditions:

  • Temperature. The higher it is, the more seedlings coming up.


  • Irrigation. Rich glaze «make the seedlings» skyrocket, not giving her a chance to form on the stem new leaves.


  • Lighting. The lack of light seedlings trying to reach closer to the sun, getting out of a Cup at a considerable length.

 The timing of transplanting

Another reason why suddenly the seedlings are stretched, is a breach of the terms of its cultivation. Inexperienced gardeners think that the sooner they germinated seeds of vegetables, the stronger seedling, and the more they get the harvest. This is a fundamentally wrong idea.

Each vegetable has its period of vegetation, and this should be considered. On the bags of purchased seed clearly these periods painted. Even indicated the depth of their embedment in the substrate.

Precocious culture seedlings sown the latest. But do not rush after the winter immediately sown vegetables with long periods of the growing season – is considered the month of March (or rather, his middle).

The larger the seedlings will be in the cups, the harder it will be to wait for planting in the open ground. And if it is still stretched, you will certainly weaken and get sick.

How to prevent rapid growth

There are situations when the timing seems to be right, but it summed up the nature – too long winter. The seedlings are already ready, and the earth has not warmed for planting.

To be able to hold a little longer of culture on the windowsill, and at the same time that the seedlings are stretched slightly, need to do some preventive measures.

Why seedlings stretched?

  • To vary plant growth can be a difference of temperatures: in the afternoon to keep within +240C, night time should be reduced to +150C.


  • It is necessary to reduce the number of irrigations, reducing them to a minimum (but not dry land).


  • So the seedlings are not «searched for» more light source, use gatherings, extending thereby the light day.


  • Practice the remedy of the escalating seedlings «Athlete» — it will slow growth, will strengthen the root system will develop to the stalk.


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