Why rots onions for storage and how to avoid it

why onion rots

Usually, onion is rotting from disease, and disease of the follicles is mainly bacterial rot, Sakova rot and Fusarium disease (Donets).

Although when cleaning the bulbs seem to be completely healthy, but after a couple months of storage, they rot.

The cut of the bulb is marked alternation of juicy, normal scales with a soft, yellowed and brownish and smelly.

These are signs of bacterial rot. The infection came from the soil with plant residues, or are already affected follicles.

Storage weakened follicles with a thick, badly dried neck, ensures a month and a half under the appearance of dry flakes of gray mycelium, and later black dots.

These are signs of the spread of pathogenic fungus, and not just one bulb, but all contact with her.

The infection penetrated into the bulb through the neck in the garden and it started to rot, while still being in the ground. Disease — Sakova rot — long enough to not recognized, because it develops slowly.

Fusarium ear rot (rot of stems) is caused by a fungus. When the onion begin to quickly wither away the leaves, it should pull out and check the condition of the stems.


Obvious signs of infestation — rotten roots, and the bottom covered with mycelium of the fungus. Diseased bulbs are soft and watery.

Decay can still occur due to mechanical damage during cleaning, wrong storage conditions and varietal characteristics of onion (some species, such as lettuce, in which the cervix is not ripe, used in food immediately after harvest).

Ways to prevent decay

Proven that the fight against onion diseases lies mainly in prevention methods.

Especially in the crop rotation recommended by the experts — proper crop rotation.

Onions should be planted at the site where the previous season was grown cucumbers, cabbage or, for example, early potatoes. Return the onions at this point can only after three to four years.

There are still practical tips for growing onions. Removing it from the garden, preferably the bulbs do not pull out, as opposed to undermine — so the bottom is not damaged.

Cleaned in late summer, the onions must be well dried. Storage keep only healthy bulbs, cutting off the neck to 5-cm height.

In the case of doubt in the absence of cervical rot safer to warm up the onions in a warm and dry place — for example, on the stove.

Stored in certain conditions with a temperature of -1 — +1 °C or above +18 °C. When storing the bulbs should iterate frequently, removing sick.

In the spring before planting to insure disinfection of the bulbs in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Growing not to neglect simple and affordable deterrent with infusions of tobacco and garlic, tobacco dust, and especially ash.

Chemical means for processing is likely more effective, but they have many disadvantages, especially in terms of environmental sustainability.

Following these basic rules will allow you to avoid the rotting of onions and store the harvest until the spring.

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