Why not rose flowers

Why not rose flowers

In almost every garden you can see the Queen of the flower world — a rose.

But, unfortunately, it happens, so why a rose does not bloom.

Like and watering and hoeing and pruning, but desired the beautiful buds there. What is the problem?

Why not rose flowers

Instant flowering should not be expected if the newly planted rose. In this period she has not had time to adapt to new conditions.

Also cause flowering roses may not be appropriate for her structure of the soil or improper cultivation.

Rose will reveal all their beauty only if it is provided loose, light, fertile soil. It so happens that there is on a plot of good soil.

To solve the problem of sufficient removal of topsoil with a thickness of two feet and replacing it with fertile land. It is at such a deep grow the roots of the roses.

Also cause flowering roses may not be the right place. The plant prefers a Sunny, open but sheltered from the wind.

Rose is afraid of draughts and shadows. In such places the plant development will be very slow or completely stops.

The lack of water. Despite the fact that rose easily tolerate drought, we can not allow the soil dry up.

If there is not enough moisture, the plant will give their all for survival, so most likely rose will not bloom.

Pruning also plays an important role. If the Bush is old, then you need to remove the bad, dry, damaged branches. Thus it is necessary to leave not less than three and not more than five strong branches.

Roses bloom twice a year cut across all of the upper lashes. Over the next eye you need to leave 5-8 mm.

Roses should be covered for winter, so the Bush is not frozen. To shelter for the winter you can put on a Bush sawdust or earth, about two buckets per plant.

Also rose will not bloom if it is wrong to fertilize. At the same time, if you make the wrong fertilizer, rose can only give a green hat and not bloom.

This is often observed in case of excessive introduction of nitrogen fertilizers. It affects the development of shoots.

To remedy the situation, you need to make fertilizer on the basis of ash or phosphorus

Why not rose flowers

potassium drug. Very good at helping potassium salt and superphosphate.

Thus it is necessary to remove weak branches, then rose will work on the formation of buds. And in winter you need to provide good shelter. Of course, that instantly rose will not bloom.

It is very important to deal with possible pests, as the infected rose will not bloom.

Adhering to all the above tips, there is no doubt that rose in the near future, sure to delight with their blooms.

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