Why not fruiting plum

Why not fruiting plum

Each fruit culture has its own characteristics: biological, taste, healing.

But all the trees or fruit, or not. And not always the cause of «infertility» is incorrect agrotechnics.

Features of cultivation of plums

Delicious, flavorful, nutrient drain may remain a utopia», if not to take into account some features of its farming. And the major role is played by the choice of where it will be planted culture.

Plum prefers plenty of light and free space. If there will be tall trees with an extensive root system, it is not surprising why fruit plum.

Will not be fruit crop to harvest and in case of plum varieties selected without regard to their zoning. Climate is a powerful factor affecting fruiting.

Exactly the same as the chemical composition of the soil fertile for crops is neutral indicators for pH.

Causes, retarding fruiting plum

Specialists-machinery identify the main reasons for not fruiting plum.

  • Weak root system that is not able to give adequate nutrition of all branches in the tree. And, despite the fact that actively drain blossomed, the result is a physiological ground. Conclusion: you have violated the conditions of trimming of the crown.


  • The wrong choice of plum varieties implies the ignorance of the gardener of the features of the fertilization of a given culture. For the appearance of the ovary near fruitless varieties should be planted pollinating varieties. But a more reliable option is to samoplodnye plant culture (for example, «Anna Shpet», «Monarch», «Niagara»).


  • The harsh winter and cold spring can cause death of branches and the freezing of the kidneys. If you do not care about the comfort of the winter culture, it is possible not only to wait for the ovaries, but losing the plant itself.


  • Not fruiting plum because were not taken preventive measures against pests. Caterpillars, sawflies, moth – a real beach plum crops that are destroying the crop at the stage of the ovaries.


  • Infectious of a disease not the only cause of infertility of plums, but the wrong treatment can even lead to the death of culture. So don’t start fruit rot and shot-hole disease. Why not fruiting plum


To get a crop of plums, do not neglect the conditions of farming.

Don’t forget about prophylactic measures. Take into consideration the «passion» of culture itself.

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