Why not fruiting plum — identifying and eliminating the causes

why not fruiting plum

All grown nature of fruit trees is the main purpose – to bear fruit.

But sometimes, like budding has passed, and the fruit is not fastened, or abundant the ovary at the beginning and too small a crop as a result.

What are the causes of weak or complete absence of fruiting plum?

Why plum does not bear fruit?

This is particularly relevant issue in relation to this culture. Many factors can cause the lack of the crop, the following are just the main ones.

The type of plum you planted?

Experienced gardeners know about the features of the drain biological nature. All varietal trees are divided into samoplodnye and samobesplodny.

The last neighbor pollinator – without him they will not be able to «conceive».

The door to samobesplodny trees you need to plant a few plants that are able to throw pollen. Even if they land on the site only samoplodnye grades, should not be limited to one tree in a pair of plum fruit better.

How comfortable is the plant?

Plum – culture demanding conditions of life. She should be bright, warm and sufficiently wet.

It excessive moisture can trigger the development of fungal diseases, the spores of which very quickly affect all parts of the plant. But disastrous and prolonged drought.

The lack of light will not only give the fruit to develop, but can become a cause of disease. Therefore it is not necessary to plant a plum shade of other trees. This culture does not like, when it «tend». Not tolerate it and draughts (that’s my girl!).

The cause of the weak fruiting plum may be the soil in which the plant is planted.

The best option is neutral, or slightly acidic soil. But if in your area there are none, enter «compensators»: the hydrated lime, wood ash.

Suitable varieties of the climate?

This culture grows well in the southern regions with fairly mild winters. Severe freezing may ruin the buds of the plant and, of course, the ovaries to wait any longer.

Therefore, when buying seedlings need to consider their ability to adapt to the conditions in your area. To this end, breeders of specially grown released varieties for regions with different climate.

Other reasons not fruiting plumWeak crop at the discharge depends largely on the diligence of the gardener. If he is not lazy and in time performs all preventive measures, caring for plants, and they will grant it.

Physiology. Not formed crown, excessive vegetation, for that very reason windfall plums. When the tree was tied too much fruit, the root system can not withstand such loads.

So, the plant will receive less nutrients for the development of all fruits and relieve excess. Trimming is a mandatory annual procedure.

Pests. There are many insect lovers to feast on floral nectar and fruit pulp. They must be addressed in time.

Spraying the trees with insecticides and other drugs, setting on the trunks of hunting zones, the removal from the site of fallen leaves and fruit drop, digging the earth, all

Why not fruiting plum

these measures will help to keep the harvest of plums.

Disease. Bad garden care, long-term adverse climatic conditions provoke the disease.

Preventive measures: regular cleaning, sanitary pruning.

Treatment should begin at the first signs of the disease, to somehow save the harvest.

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