Why not flower Anthurium

why not flower Anthurium

Amazingly beautiful exotic plant with luxurious flowers, as if coated with wax, will decorate any interior.

But in this case, if it deigns to bloom, that the home is found not always.

The reasons why no blooms Anthurium, there may be several, and all of them should be resolved.

The temperature regimeAnthuriums are very sensitive to ambient temperature. To develop a plant capable in all conditions, but flowering is necessary to create optimal mode.

Bookmark flower buds suitable normal environment with the temperature of +22°C.

Great heat does not allow the plant to bloom, so in the summer to settle Anthurium better in a room with air conditioning and to install it in the appropriate temperature.

He does not like this exotic culture and reduce degrees below acceptable. In winter, when the flower comes to rest, you should not keep it near heating appliances, but also to establish in the cold of the Windows is not desirable.

In this period, Anthurium quite 16-17°C.

Humidity and wateringis Another reason why plant refuses to bloom, is water regime. Water the flower should be moderately selected peruviana the soil in the pot.

But even if under this condition, flowering Anthurium refuses, there is a reason to change it «place of residence» — to take a large container of the new earth.

But the dry air not only quenches the desire to bloom, but it may be the reason for colotti plants. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor humidity, maintaining optimum parameters.

As a subsidiary method to facilitate the life of the Anthurium in the dry days frequent irrigation of its leaves.

The perfect solution would be a humidifier and ionize it. In the absence of such a device is near the flower pot, which grows Anthurium, install water tanks.

Lightingat home in the wild, this plant blooms profusely in shaded forests. But in the North window sills of the apartments or in the back rooms of the Anthurium just is not strong enough nor growth, especially for flowering.

Bright illumination is vital for budding plants. And if this phase has come, it will be necessary to add to flower a little artificial light in the evening hours.

But the substitute Anthurium under the direct rays of the sun in no event it is impossible – the plant will get burned. So that should take care of a small shade blinds on the Windows provide diffused ultraviolet light.

In conclusion,If you found the reason why it is not flowering Anthurium, and waited for the first buds, try immediately after flowering to crop, to see new buds.

why not flower Anthurium

Faded flowers are born the seeds that will all the power plants to pull their own development.

As soon as these blossoms are removed, the Anthurium is ready to bloom again if all the above modes seasoned.

Showing maximum attention to your exotic pet, giving him love in return you can get a sincere recognition of expressed magic, bright flowers.

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