Why not bloom peonies

why not bloom peonies

Lush large inflorescences are a real decoration of the garden.

If planting varieties of different colors, you can create amazing beauty of the area.

However, some of the owners why not bloom peonies.

Features of plant development

If the bushes were recently planted, it is not surprising that they do not give color. According to the physiological characteristics of peony the first 2 years of life take root, so they don’t have enough forces on the budding.

If suddenly in the second year appeared the ovary, they should immediately be cut off, not allowing them to blossom. Otherwise, the peony Bush will be depleted over the summer, and he’s not strong enough to survive the winter first, and he will not be able to bloom in the third year, and second.

However, one inflorescence of all can be to make sure that you have purchased exactly the sort I wanted. But then, as soon as the flower bloom, it should be cut off, and wait for full bloom in the designated age.

Peony didn’t bloom, when it should be?Why not bloom peonies on the 3rd and subsequent years of his life, here already it is necessary to think seriously, because the reason is to be sought mainly in the wrong care.

  • Perhaps not so were artificially fed. Fertilizer to reach the roots of the peony, it is made through wells (3-4 pieces), drilled on a circle with a radius of 40 cm Depth of wells should be of two feet, and it is not covered with earth, should be set there, pieces of pipe or fill the holes with gravel or broken bricks. 50 g of complex fertilizer is diluted with lake water and poured it all evenly in all wells. Then in each hole to pour another bucket and a half of clean water.
  • The second reason why peonies don’t want to bloom, is the wrong depth of planting. Apparently, over the years, the land subsided, and the roots were bare. There is another situation when the hive is excessively covered with earth. The normal level of immersion of a plant is 3 cm.
  • A healthy hive is able to give about 100 buds but for normal development it is necessary to leave not more than 20, the other ruthlessly cutting. If this is not done, then admiring in one year lush of «hat» of flowers, the following you may not see any blossoms.
  • The following is the reason the gardener is not affected – blame can be the climate. If there were late spring frosts, which «grab» a little plant, or the summer was quite dry or, conversely, excessively rainy, the peonies will not bloom. Therefore, it is to be hoped for next season.

 Maybe I should transplant?If none of the reasons listed above, is not present, and peonies continue from year to year to grow without flowering, you should inspect the bushes for diseases.

why not bloom peonies

This option is possible – the peony doesn’t like the place where they put him. Therefore it is necessary to dig up the Bush to divide and plant out in other places on the site.

For planting choose an open Sunny lawns with loamy-sandy soil.

You should remember that peonies do not like a close neighborhood — each Bush is planted at a considerable distance from each other.

You should not plant peonies and other cultures, giving them space for growth.

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