Why not bloom Orchid

Why not bloom Orchid

Amazingly beautiful blooming orchids.

But novice growers sometimes complain that I can not wait for your plants flowers.

Although it would seem, all conditions caring for orchids adhere to, but it does not bloom.

Why not Orchid blooms — causes

Don’t forget that Orchid is a very capricious plant. Even a slight deviation in care can bring down their life cycle.

And if the plant is not sick, and is actively increasing its green mass, one of the reasons why non-flowering Orchidmay be the following:

• Wrong approach to lighting. Orchids need a large amount of light. Perhaps the flower is not on that window (for example, that North-facing).

Besides, it has the value of daylight. The orchids just won’t interfere with supplementary lighting.

• The following time – temperature regime. For each stage in the development of orchids, it is desirable to withstand its temperature.


In times of peace and vegetation should ensure that the temperature of the air in the room slightly lower (about +18-20 ° C) than during flowering. The constant temperature can inhibit budding.

• Moisture – another factor that affects flowering orchids. The earth in a flower pot waterlogged impossible.

A large amount of moisture will only stimulate the growth of plants and development of greenery. If it is almost period of budding, will need to dramatically reduce the amount of watering.

And when an Orchid will bloom, then returns to normal hydration.

• Do not forget that any plant needs to rest. For orchids it is not only winter, but also after flowering. If you constantly stimulate the plant to flower formation, the forces had «exhausted.»

How to make Orchid bloom

If someone is not satisfied with blooming Orchid, then it is wrong. The plant has to butanedioate. And you should take some measures to stimulate flowering.

• First, you will need to reconsider their approach to the care of orchids.

Perhaps somewhere allowed error. In this case must be taken into account all the phases of flower development. As mentioned above, each period of the life of the plant should be «your» mode.

• Second, if the Orchid is not in bloom to arrange a shock. Here offers 2 ways:

drastically transfer the plant on the «dry law» is to stop watering a few days Orchid (allowing the topsoil to dry out). Then, reasonable «steps» watering

Why not bloom Orchid


— affect «lazy» Orchid temperature range.

If the apartment has air conditioning, it will be easy to perform.

Or overnight to make the flower on the balcony (in summer) or cooler room (in winter). This can be done several days in a row.

But stimulating the Orchid budding, try not to overdo it. This flower is the creation of tender.

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