Why not a fruiting cherry

Why not a fruiting cherry

A mistake some gardeners is their opinion that cherry – undemanding plant that can grow and bear fruit in any conditions.

Each fruit culture requires attention and the fulfillment of the conditions of farming.

Plant high-quality seedlings of cherry

From how you distribute the cherries depends on which individual will grow out of it.

Trying to seat a cherry shoots, be prepared for the fact that culture will not bear fruit.

Full cherry seedlings need to grow only from cuttings. Thus planting material should be choose not near the root system, with branches forming a crown of trees, fruiting quite well.

Correctly plant a cherry

Incorrectly selected the area where planted vishniac, may trigger the development of infertility in these fruit trees. Cherry prefers fertile slightly acidic soil with moderate humidity.

But even if well chosen place cherry might not bear fruit if planted too deep. When planting seedlings need to be monitored closely to root collar is not gone underground – it should be level with the top layer.

Not «suppress» the plant

Little plant a cherry – you need to constantly follow the development of the tree. The formation of the crown should be conducted in a certain period of time. Don’t let the tree to grow extra shoots.

Observe the condition of stem branches: all-season November, the appearance of the gum suggests that the plant is not all right. Depression is a serious reason for not fruiting cherry.

Feed the culture

Cherry is very sensitive to the lack of certain trace elements. Therefore, not only the acidity can affect the ovaries, but the lack of soil chemical components such as boron, may be the reason for not fruiting cherry.

To compensate, you can use mulching tree trunks plot with manure (manure). Helps and wood ash that was added to the earth during digging.

It is important for the pollination of cherries

Why not a fruiting cherry

Biological feature of the cherry is that for fertilization of culture requires the presence of pollinators.

Therefore, when planting trees it is impossible to focus on one variety of cherry.

If it is not possible to plant a large number of different varieties, you can dwell on the method of rootstock.

This often gives a good result, because the aircraft will be close enough to pollinate the trees.

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