Why leaves turn yellow currant

Why leaves turn yellow currant

Sometimes it happens that suddenly a fresh green currant leaves begin to turn yellow, dry out and even flake off. The causes may be different, but neither one of them can not be called favorable.

And so it is with currant leaves turn yellow or climatic conditions, or from improper care culture. But it is, so to say, external factors.

There is a more serious reason – minor pests of currant, affect plants.

Why leaves turn yellow currant

Best to start with the most dangerous factor is the defeat of Bush pest. If yellow leaves of the currant bushes is possible in the present Gallic aphids.

It is so fruitful an insect, if time does not take measures, the colonies of the pest very quickly swarmed all leaves.

Mainly affects parasite varieties of white and red currants. But goes black and «relative».

Aphids settled on the bottom parts of the leaves, gnawing at their flesh. The saliva of aphids is toxic. Getting into the juice of the plant, it poisons it.


The affected leaf is covered with red currant first convex spots, which act on the upper surface of the sheet. Deformed, it completely dries out and turns yellow.

To deal with aphids, you can use the treatment of bushes with insecticides (Fitoverm, Fufanon). Experienced gardeners often use folk remedies: soap infusion of garlic, tobacco, wormwood, tomato leaves.

The affected leaves are yellow currant is best to immediately destroy the outside garden plot. If the degree of damage is significant, you must cut off completely escape.Dense soil, sand, and poorly fertile soil is unacceptable for the plant. This factor may be cause of yellowing leaves of the currant.

And due to the lack of development of the plant minerals. Therefore, it is recommended in the fall after digging, the soil around bushes, mulch with peat.

When you are fertilizing plants, you need to know moderation – an excessive amount of fertilizer can trigger the opposite effect.

The same

Why leaves turn yellow currant

peat in excess harms the root system. She is sick and not able to feed fully the entire Bush.

Especially scrupulous in the selection of the proportions need to be fertilizing with potash and phosphate fertilizers. Here, the harm may be irreversible.

Set on fire so food roots on young plants may even be the cause of his death.

Weather is also making its «contribution» to the physical condition of the plants. This culture hygrophilous. In the drought of «thirst» Bush itself shrinks while yellow leaves of currant.

But these conditions and provoke a RAID on the plant of the pests that freshen up its juices.

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