Why leaves turn yellow cucumbers

yellow leaves of cucumbers

All gardeners know how whimsical vegetable culture under the name «cucumber».

It is necessary to prevent flaws in the machinery, and it manifests itself in different problems and diseases.

And if you experienced gardeners already know, why not develop some culture, something that beginners often wonder why the leaves turn yellow cucumbers.

The main causes of yellowing leaves

Reasons that may appear on the leaves of cucumbers yellow, several. And they’re all related to improper cultivation techniques, therefore, mainly to be corrected.

  • Incorrect watering involves the lack of moisture. This factor cucumbers sensitive – begins to wither. And spots on the leaves is a signal that the culture needs to be «drunk».


  • The same moisture can cause yellowing if you get to the leaves. When irrigation is carried out in the middle of the day, water drops on the leaves will cause burn.


  • Then why yellow leaves of cucumbers in the greenhouse, you ask? Even if you do everything right, stuffy indoor climate bad for «being» cultures, causing them to ache. Do not forget to ventilate the greenhouse and set the optimum temperature in them.


  • The lack of mineral components in the soil also provokes yellowing leaves on cucumbers. But what chemical elements is not enough, you need to know the age peculiarities of culture.

 The lack of mineral fertilizers

For the normal development of the cucumbers must be present in the substrate of some elements of the chemical table. But every age needs its own «mineral water».

  • Leaves on young bushes of cucumbers turn yellow from lack of copper.


  • But adults cucumber species indicate a lack of magnesium.


  • At any age yellow spots on cucumber leaves is a sign of nitrogen deficiency and calcium.

Yellowing leaves can not completely, but partially.

  • Zinc deficiency «different» on the tips.


  • But the yellow on dark green veins – it is from lack of iron.

 Disease – cause yellowing of cucumbers

Solving the mystery of the yellow leaves, you should not ignore the issue about diseases. Is defeat fungi

yellow leaves of cucumbers

may cause discoloration and wilting of the leaves of cucumbers.

And the reason for that may be the wrong rotation.

In fact accumulates in the soil pathogenic microbes and fungal spores that affect certain groups of crops.

Most fungi leads to decay of the root system.

Received less food from the land, the plant begins to root, which affects the color of its leaves. But in this situation already to fix the problem would be impossible.

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