Why fall off the leaves of ficus

the ficus leaves are falling

November on ficus in the cold season (winter and autumn – it is natural, if «lost», only the lower leaves.

When the tree starts to crumble all the leaves, even in spring or summer, it’s in poor care for a ficus tree.

The ficus leaves are falling

Abundant shedding ficus greenery, and on a daily basis, suggests that the plant is not enough sunlight. I do not like him and a sharp temperature drop and the change of location.

But this is not a complete list of the reasons responds to the ficus. The leaves fall and because of these factors:

Not only the lack of light, but his over-exuberance can cause November.

Great importance for the normal existence of ficus is the humidity of air — plants are not suited to his dryness. The waterlogging of the soil – another reason for leaf fall from a tree.

Avoid cold air in the room where the lives of ficus. The leaves fall even due to the slightest breeze.

The environment affects the condition of the plant. It is impossible that the flower pot was on the floor with a tile cover – slide it on a small stand.

And that tree should not touch the leaves to the cold glass of the window. But the nearness of the hot battery is harmful for this plants.

Depleted soil can also cause the exposure of Fig. If reanimation of using mineral fertilizers will have, try to completely replace the substrate.

But too much focus on transfers of ficus should not – he is a «homebody», and changes «flats» (i.e. flower pot), the plant enters into shock.


Seeing at one point, the bare trunk of a ficus tree, don’t panic – the situation can be corrected. But first check the true condition of your trees.

  • If the trunk on the ficus is still quite flexible, so all is not lost.


  • Make a small incision on the trunk – made milk juice indicates that the tree is still alive.

If the ficus has successfully passed your test, proceed to its resuscitation.

  • If you can not give the plants enough sunlight, Supplement it with artificial lighting.


  • Spare the plant from dry: humidify the air, put a flower pot on a tray of water, spray the ficus leaves are falling



  • Feed your tree with special fertilizers.


  • Raise your ficus «mood» and treated him as one of the drugs from stress (e.g., Zircon).


  • When transplanting plants, check the root system. Remove rotten branches, sprinkling the slices of wood ashes.


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