Why does not bloom Hydrangea

why does not bloom Hydrangea

Beautiful flowers of different colors on high bushes (1.5 – 2 m) planted along the perimeter of the site, constitute the true charm.

Use Hydrangeas for individual plantings in the garden near the gazebo or the porch of the house.

But, like a real French woman», this culture is quite demanding in care.

So sometimes the owners giving a reasonable question arises – why does not bloom Hydrangea?

Why does not bloom hydrangea

To this decorative shrub pleasing lush flowering, growers will have to renegotiate the terms of plant care. Perhaps, then, the Hydrangea is finally blooming.

  • Of course, in the first year of planting not only what the culture gives color. So this Bush will not boat colors, regardless planted it flowered or not.
  • It should be taken into account and Hydrangeas ability to acclimatize in a specific region. After all, most varieties reach the market exclusively from greenhouses.
  • In Botanical circles this plant is also called Hydrangea that Latin translates as «water vessel.» It speaks about the passion Hydrangeas to moisture, so watering should be often.
  • The cause of the flowering shrub can be it’s the wrong crop. Usually gardeners are trying to remove last year’s growth, giving the opportunity to grow new shoots. By the Hydrangea is not the case – these inflorescences appear in plants on last year’s shoots and it should be considered.
  • The buds on the bushes begin to take shape in the fall. Therefore, in severe frosts there is a risk of death that do not give Hydrangeas to bloom in the spring. Recommended for the winter the bushes to cover fallen leaves or wrap (wrap, burlap, etc.).

By eliminating these causes, you can safely wait for the flowering Hydrangeas. Thus it is impossible to forget and about other conditions of plant care.

Other agricultural

Not enough to buy a Hydrangea Bush and planted it at the site – still need to make sure, so suitable chosen location, and that the soil loves the culture.

  • Hydrangeas should be planted in Sunny glades, but allowed slightly prichenennye areas.
  • For the Bush you need the proper soil: humus, ground sheet, peat and sand. If the area a completely different composition, already in the hole with the sapling will have to add the missing components.
  • When planting Hydrangeas at the roots contribute organic, compost, superphosphate, potassium sulfate and urea. On the surface of tree trunks circles mulch of pine needles, sawdust or peat.
  • Fertilize the plant after proper fit is possible only in the third year, in the spring, making the same fertilizer. But during budding should be excluded urea and organics. Another dressing should be in the middle of the summer and autumn. Here already use mineral supplements purchased at a flower shop. why does not bloom Hydrangea

Watering the plant, do not allow stagnant water, and you should also carefully monitor the health of the Bush, starting on time pest control. And then not have to wrestle with is why does not bloom Hydrangea.

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