Why does not bloom Hydrangea in the home

Why does not bloom Hydrangea in the home

Very beautiful lush blossoms of Hydrangeas can be seen in suburban areas and city parks.

But there are also fans who bred this plant at home.

And from a great garden shrub this individual differs dwarf growth, when the pot looks exceptionally floral hat bright saturated or pale color.

It is for this charm and have the culture on the window sills. But it happens that the plant refuses to please others with their buds. What is the reason why no blooms Hydrangea?

Whether you planted a flower?

You brought a little wonder and with lust waiting for it to bloom. But the Hydrangea is not hurry to do that. Pay first and foremost attention on the flower pot containing the plant.

  • If it’s a temporary shelter, which planted flower seedlings in the store, the Hydrangeas should be transplanted into a more suitable container. The pot should be wider than where the flower is now. It is not necessary to choose a deep dish, because the roots of the culture growing in breadth and not depth.
  • If the Hydrangea is already more than 2 years in the same pot, then God himself commanded to do the transplant. That is the annual change pots stimulates the plant to bloom.

Transplantation should be carried out in the autumn, using sod and leaf soil, peat and sand.

Soil acidification

Experienced growers know that the Hydrangea likes to accumulate aluminum salts. The saturation of this element affects the color of the blossoms. The more acidified a soil is, the bluer the flowers come out.

Alkaline gives pink highlighter, and neutral — white. When it comes to acidification, is used, as a rule, soil additives in the form of sawdust, peat or pine needles.

With the same purpose, the plants are sprayed with water, acidulated with lemon juice or sprinkled with alum.

And only an inexperienced grower enters the nutrient element nitrogen-containing fertilizers. They naturally stimulate the growth of plants, but suppress their ability to bloom all the power goes to the distillation.

Temperature and lighting

Despite the fact that Hydrangea is a plant of the southern type, not a whole year’s worth of her «bathe» in ultraviolet light. Let the flower stands on a well-lit windowsill, where it gets only filtered light from the street.

In the absence of such conditions it is not necessary to move the Hydrangea into the room – this Eclipse and will weaken the plant and cause its failure to bloom.

An important role plays the temperature for flowering – the best is the room (18-22° Celsius). But it is only in the period of active growth.

When it came time seasonal dormancy (late fall to February), when the Hydrangeas need to create a cool environment (about 7-10°) somewhere in the basement.

If the plant is left to spend the winter on the windowsill in the heat, then don’t ask the question «why does not bloom Hydrangea put in her time?».


Why does not bloom Hydrangea in the home

Flowers need to be treated like women, giving them affection and attention. Do not ignore their whims, create optimal conditions for development.

And then certainly Hortense would reciprocate by presenting its owner with a lush ball of flowers. But what color to choose, you decide.

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