Why currants did not fruit?

doubleness currant

Sometimes it happens that with proper care, currant fruit, gives a low yield.

A logical question arises: why is this happening?

In fact, the reasons for this phenomenon may be a few, and they are all clear.

This may be due to varietal characteristics of blackcurrant and flowering periods.

For example, fruit set and flowering coincides with adverse weather. In this case, the ovaries fall off, especially if after flowering, it took 1-2 weeks. Flowers currant can suffer from spring frosts.

It is therefore recommended on the site to contain currants of different kinds, with different flowering period. We should not forget about traditional protective measures (soil moisture, shelter of the bushes, irrigation, and so on).

In windy and cold weather years insect pollinators decreases, it naturally affects the formation of berries, to increase it by selecting samoplodnye grades, and selection of sheltered areas in the garden.

In dry and hot weather, drying the stigmas of maize, the period of pollination is greatly reduced in this case it is important to frequently humidify the soil and the air around the berries, thereby attracting bees and bumblebees.

But still the main and most frequent cause of reduced or lack of fruiting currants are diseases of plants – reversion (doubleness).

The disease treatment can not be, these shrubs be subject to uprooting and destruction (incineration).

Ailing currants Terry can be detected in the flowering period. Flowers patients of the bushes are not a natural color (usually Fioletovo), and the excessively narrow petals and pistil more than usual.

Berry bushes not knotted, respectively currants did not fruit. Floral brush usually resembles a thin green twig with scales.

Plus, the leaves on diseased bushes are lobed and elongated instead of the usual five. While Bush strongly thickened.

Until recently it was believed that the doubleness affects only black currants, but in recent years she appeared on the red currants, white, and even more resistant to many diseases and pests Golden currant.

Chomu currants do not bear fruit?

Reversion is spread by aphids and Bud mites, so keep the bushes from pests, and do not use planting material from diseased plants.

Buy seedlings in specialized retail outlets, not random people on the market.

Try to stick to the recommendations and to provide plants with proper care, and then there will appear the question: why currants did not fruit?

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