Why bitter cucumbers


Due to improper care, diseases and vagaries of weather cucumbers sweet can become bitter.

But bitter cucumbers can become for another reason, and she hides in the pedigree of the cucumber, in the genetic code of a certain sort.

The presence in the code of a gene «bi» indicates the absence of bitterness.

By the way, a bitter substance, which is found in cucumbers, called cucurbitacin.

This substance in cucumbers is first necessary to repel harmful insects, thereby allowing the plants and the seeds to ripen.

It is known that the presence of a gene «bi» in the genetic code of the cucumber means that it is under no circumstances to taste bitter will not, and if this gene is not, then the bitterness of cucumbers depends on irrigation, weather, lighting, nutrient balance.

Most cultivars do not have the gene «bi», including the old – timers vyaznikovskiy, Nerosky, Murom, Nizhyn, don.

It is possible to determine the bitter cucumber or not, try cotyledonary leaves at seedling stage, and to cull the poor?

But alas, it doesn’t make sense, because in this case you’ll have to throw the whole seedling cultivars.

The bitterness of cotyledons only says that in adverse conditions, these plants can cause a flash of bitterness.

Leaves of cucumber seedlings can have a faint bitterness, and the fruit in poor conditions will be very bitter cucumbers. It is necessary for breeders: slightly bitter flavour is removed, leaving only the sweet cucumbers.

Trying to guess bitter cucumbers, appearance of the fetus, such as a light tip, also wrong. The color of the cucumber is not associated with bitterness.

Of course, for cucumbers intended for conservation of the bitterness does not matter, because during processing kukurbitatsin decomposes and vanishes. Quite another thing is salad cucumbers.

If you want a sweet variety of cucumber, then the raw materials should not be bitter, if at least one of the parents is bitter, then a few years later the bitterness will still be shown.

For F1 hybrids of cucumbers all the raw materials should also not contain bitterness.

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