Why beet is not sweet?

why beet is not sweet

Not always a crop of beets grown on the dacha, happy gardeners.

Sometimes even experienced farmers are asking: «why is sugar sweet?».

The reasons may be different, but the basic two: poor quality seed and improper farming techniques.

Why beet is not sweet

To grow delicious sweet beets, pick «a» grade. To plant several at once, signing each, and in the fall to see the result.

It is not necessary to choose large roots, medium usually have a more intense flavor and better kept.

Of well-proven, it may be advisable hybrid varieties of sugar beet: F1pablo, F1 Boro, good taste and mild koltsevatost.

Of the cylindrical among gardeners popular: Mona, Cylinder, rocket. When choosing varieties of beet, consider the climate of your region.

Table beets need sufficient oxygen to the root system and soft fertile soil, rich in humus.

It also doesn’t like dense plantation, so you need timely thinning.

If beets are not sweet during feeding, to increase the sugar content add 1 teaspoon of salt per 10 liters of water, and as top dressing, use a solution of mullein and wood ash.

In addition, the ash reduces the acidity of the soil, and it likes beets. You need to fertilize several times a season.

Pour the vegetable copiously, approximately 10 liters. water on 1.m. but not often, watch that the soil doesn’t dry out.

In the hard and dry ground grows beets are sweet, and acquires a bitter taste.

Another reason «why beet is not sweet» — not crop rotation. The fact that beet refers to smoothawley plants.

That is, re-sowing on the same place significantly affects the taste of the root vegetables.

If planting another variety, beets can grow not only sweet, but also with white

why beet is not sweet


The place for planting, select a Sunny, open, in the shade of beet sugar to gain, and accumulate nitrates.

It is possible to apply the stimulating and invigorating medicines, but only those that are safe for the human body, in minimal quantities.

If the town is small and there is no possibility to conduct an annual crop rotation of summer crops you can grow beets on the edges of beds, and other crops.

Very suitable for this carrots, onions and potatoes. But the main thing is watering, hoeing and weeding.

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