Whitewashing fruit trees in the spring

whitewashing fruit trees in the spring

In Soviet times, whitewashing of trees, was a traditional event April Saturday.

Perhaps for this reason, many gardeners basic gardening begin with this, besides the whitewashed fruit trees seemed to announce the beginning of spring.

Although there is another view.

Some experts believe that the solution is applied to the barrel, prevents the natural development after the winter awakening, and so the whitewashing of fruit trees in spring is not for use and beauty.

It is necessary to consider that the processing of tree bark with special solutions is not only to protect them from sunburn and pests, as proponents of the spring whitewashing of fruit trees, but also from frost in winter.

For this reason, some gardeners carry out this procedure twice a year.

To whitewashing the trees do not become just in restoring beauty and protecting plants from all sorts of harmful factors, and to heal the wounds, cracks in the bark, to hold it correctly.

To carry out this work better, to Wake up the bark until the soil wasn’t warm, namely in late February, early March for the southern regions, and April, for the more Northern areas.

The whole process of whitewashing of the trees should be divided into several stages. First of all, carefully inspect the barrel, clean it from old bark, lichen, moss (and this applies to old plants) with a scraper or wire brush.

If it will see the cracks, treat them with putty or garden pitch. Clearing away old bark after a good rain or water the tree trunk, the bark will be left behind easier.

Then enjoy a cooking solution for whitewashing fruit trees. Currently sells a variety of ready-made mixtures based on chalk, the fixing adhesive and copper sulfate.

Although it is possible to use a conventional slaked lime.

You can then proceed directly to the whitewash. Treat the trunk of a tree, a fork, and boughs. The same principle can be treated bushes.

A solution for whitewashing fruit trees.

For its preparation you need: 2.5 kg of slaked lime, 0.5 l of copper sulfate. The amount of water

whitewashing fruit trees in the spring

determined empirically, the composition should not be thick or very liquid.

At the end add 200 g glue (carpenter, PVA, silicate).

Important:you Cannot whitewash young with smooth bark tree (slow growth).

To cover a part of the whole tree, it will stop breathing and die larvae of ladybirds, the main defenders of the aphids.

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