Whitefly – methods of dealing with pest insects

whiteflies methods of struggle

The whitefly is a small insect of the family of Hemiptera that consists of 1550 forms.

Often there are representatives of 5 types which are well known to gardeners and lovers of houseplants (greenhouse, citrus, strawberry, cabbage and tobacco whitefly).

This is an insect from 1.3 to 3 mm in length with 4 wings and color from white to yellowish-red with dark spots.

The danger to plants are the larvae, which are usually held on the underside of leaves and suck out the nutritious juices.

Alone or in small groups the larvae damage the plant will not cause, but it is in the initial stage of identifying pests is important to use preventive methods against whiteflies. Regularly inspect indoor and garden crops are attacked by insects.

Usually pests is due to the violation of natural biological control. Upon detection of a small oblong eggs on the leaves immediately start fighting, since, starting from this stage until the emergence of larvae, the insects suck juices from the plant.

Methods of whitefly


First remove the infected plant away from the others in quarantine to reduce the risk of spread of pests (referring to flowers).

The leaves need to be processed with a cotton swab dipped in soapy water, then rinse with water. With its large accumulation of pests, the infected leaves are removed and destroyed.

It is possible to apply traditional methods of fighting whiteflies, spraying garlic tincture in small concentration and be careful not to burn the leaves. Or chemical preparations, which are sold in flower shops.

Apply chemistry in suburban areas is not highly desirable, along with the pests die and other insects that are natural enemies of whiteflies.

In addition, the use of poisons in fruit plants can adversely affect human health. The most secure methods of whitefly is the manual removal of the insects and by using a small vacuum cleaner operates from an independent supply.

Pest control is carried out in the morning, at this time they are inactive. For catching adult insects can be made sticky traps that are installed in places of a mass congestion of pests.

To make them pretty easy, just a piece of plywood painted in bright yellow color, fasten on a wooden peg and establish plants near the sticky side inside.

Glue is also to prepare simply combine one-to-one petroleum jelly and liquid detergent and apply the mixture to the plywood.

Periodically remove insects with water and apply a new layer of glue. This method of struggle will not remove all of the whitefly, but significantly reduce their number and reduce the spread.

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