White rot of plants — methods of fighting

White rot

White rot fungal plant disease, which spread throughout Russia.

This disease of plants found about 3 times in 10 years.

It is manifested primarily in the fact that the top of the fruit, cucumber or zucchini begins to rot.

Rot can and the lower part of the stem. Leaves affected by white rot are very different from healthy.

Sick leaves for a touch watery, and also on the leaves appear white patches.

The causative agent of white-rot penetrates the lower part of the plant from the soil. To pathogen of white rot comfortable temperature within +13 — +15 degrees.

Rot likes high humidity. To avoid this nasty diseases of plants in greenhouses is necessary to maintain optimal humidity.

Spores of the fungus have the ability to move around in the wind and therefore plants made in the summer on the street may also be affected.

To protect plants from white rot, which is hiding in the soil, it is necessary to add urea, copper sulfate and zinc sulfate.

These properly made feeding contribute to the strengthening of plants and is a serious obstacle of their infection.

White mold can infect cabbage, growing in the loam. During the growing season of cabbage, affects the lower leaves and root collar.

Tissue affected by white rot become watery and colourless, because they are covered with white cotton-like mycelium. In autumn, the mycelium becomes dense and appears as black sclerotia, which have a different shape.

To store Kale, the affected white rot is almost impossible. Ill head out quickly enough strikes lying next to the cabbages, and if the store humidity, cabbage to save almost impossible.

You can also lose the carrots, garlic and onions, which with the defeat of the white rot and soft rot.

White rot can be affected tomatoes. If the greenhouse temperature is not above +15 degrees, and the humidity reaches 96%, the lower part of the stem begins to rot, it becomes soft and the whole shrub may die.

White rot of plants - methods of fighting

Cucumber white mold strikes in any part. The fruit and the stalk are soft and covered with white mycelium. If it is a tomato it is necessary to decontaminate soil and remove infected plants.

Greenhouse temperature should be not below +18 degrees, and you need to strictly follow that in the greenhouse was not excessive humidity. This can be avoided if regularly airing.

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