White breed of pig – the characteristics and conditions of detention

White breed of pigs

This breed belongs to the category of meat-greasy purpose.

Despite the fact that white pig breed have a strong Constitution, they have a sweet addition.

The head is not very big, not heavy. Ears pointing forward and slightly to the side elastic and thick but not pendulous. The pig is strong and very agile.

Temperament she is calm and kind. White rock refers to the precocious. To the year can weigh from 180 to 210 kg and more. Adult boar weighs from 280 to 370 kg, and the sow from 200 to 270 kg.

The female gives birth to 10-12 piglets, and more. Slaughter yield is at least 82 %.

The contents of the white breed of pig

Giving the animals good conditions, properly balanced feed, the pig will give the highest quality meat.

In the context of the meat has the appearance of marble, and often so-called «marble». This is what meat is in great demand from the buyer, as it has a great taste and consistency.

White breed, which is white, suffers from the sun’s rays, especially if it’s southern regions. But despite this they prefer grazing paddock.

Pigs can be breed with other breeds and to do pure breeding.

The advantages of the white breed can be called unpretentiousness to the feed, high fecundity, excellent maturity, adaptability to the harsh Russian climate, as well as the malleability of the genetic structure.

Disadvantages are a tendency to obesity, intolerance to cold and scorching sun.

To get a good gain in weight, should feed the pigs only rich in vitamins and minerals food.

Because pigs feel good in the pasture, it is possible to organize regular walking animals outdoors.

Pigs are happy to eat fruits and vegetables, animal feed and cereals. You should also give a pumpkin, corn, legumes.

In addition to feeding should give the pigs a warm pigsty, with ventilation and adequate lighting. The floor should be a special groove for removal of feces.

The pigsty must have a place for animals, area for free-range, as well as bathing.

For young animals need a machine size of 3 square, sow — 4,

White breed of pigs

suckling of the uterus — 6.

Because pigs can easily break walls and make a tunnel, then the construction of the piggery should focus on the reliability of the structure.

The white breed of pigs are not hard to care for.

If you provide all the conditions for the pigs, they will enjoy a great litter and is rapidly accumulating weight.

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