Which tile is better metal or flexible

the installation of shingles

To cover the roof of a country house is perfect tiling.

It can be metal or flexible.

Metal — lightweight and durable, it is great for protection from the weather.

This coating is relatively convenient to operate.

Important before installation, to carry out waterproofing of the roof to avoid condensation from the metal frame and insulation of the roof.

It is possible for rafters to put protective material and secure it with a stapler, or a protective film to fix the thin sheathing of the timber.

Also, if the building will be used in the winter, it is necessary to lay the insulation. He density should not be less than 50kg. per cubic meter, to not roll down the roof.

Typically used mineral wool in four layers, of which the first three are stacked in a staggered manner.

It is necessary for density. Before laying the last layer to attach the boards across the rafters. The distance between them should be about 1-1,5 cm shorter than slab insulation.

And have the top fit hydroprotection in nahlesta 10-12cm. Further, for the fixing of tiles is made


crate, scat nailed to the frame strap to the wind blew under the shingles. The laying of metal produced from the eaves to the ridge.

The following section necessarily overlaps with the previous pretty tight. The roofing material is fastened with screws with a gasket.

Shingles is a fiberglass Mat which is impregnated with bitumen, and strength for the entire surface covered with stone chips.

This roofing material which is easily bent and cut. Therefore, it is better to use for roofs with complex shaped structures.

Unlike metal, which is fastened on the crate, flexible spread on a solid surface.

That is, after the insulation on the bars of a nailed plywood, then lining, then laid shingles.

the house is covered with a metal

Before mounting, find the center of the slope. Because the first row of the roof is laid from the center.

We need this in order to undercut the edges was everywhere uniform. The inner side of the soft tile refinished with glue.

Strips are applied from the Central to the left and right markers, then trimmed around the edges. Nail the shingles with galvanized nails better.

The life span of metal that shingles is about 50 years. Cost they are also about the same, the difference is not significant.

The only thing that is fixed by the metal easier, flexible and more suitable for complex suburban roofs.

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