Which pump is best for the well

the pump for the well

After the arrangement well before many owners of a suburban area there is the problem of water extraction with depth.

If you need a daily to get water 5-7 buckets, then of course it’s not a problem.

In fact for domestic purposes such as washing, bathing, etc. need a lot more.

In this case, you should think about buying a pump. But what model of pump for the well is better to choose?

So, you first need to determine the kind of load. As for the source of the fence, the injectors are deep and superficial. There are also differences and features of the action are centrifugal and vibrating.


Now everything is in order. Deep the unit should be installed in those wells where the water is located below the 8 — 9 meters. This unit is also called a submersible, because it simply is lowered into the water.

In the manufacture of the body using water-resistant materials, with sealed shell. For such a pump depth may be what you want. While maintaining quiet operation. Pump installation is not difficult, but long battery life.

Due to the high pressure delivery of water by any depth. But to submerge the pump to the bottom closer than one meter are prohibited. Otherwise, the quality of the delivered water would be bad.

From the bottom to get the sand and sediment in the hose and cause damage to the unit after a short time. All models are safe, and have sensors that in case of an accidental disconnect or drop the water level off the unit.


This pump is positioned above water. This gives you the opportunity to set up the unit in the room. As vodootvodniy use the hose.

With one end of the hose attached directly to the pump, and the second dip in the water. The permissible suction height can reach up to 8 metres and can lift Water from depths up to 10 m.


Based on the vibration of the pump is the solenoid that leads to the work of the vibrator, and he in turn pumps water through a hose. The vibrator has a special valve, which is responsible for the movement of water in the discharge fitting.

Download water protects parts from overheating, so if the pump will run without water, it will cause breakage. Such a unit is mounted only outside of the well, otherwise the work of the vibration of sediments will lead to the destruction of the well.


In the list of deep-well pumps for wells, it is better to choose a centrifugal option. The basis of this unit is one or more wheels. They are located inside the pump and attached to the shaft. Consist of paired plates, which are connected blades.

In the process, between the blade enters the water, which when the wheels acts the centrifugal force. It pumps high pressure on the edges and low in the center. The pressure difference outside and in the Central part pushes the water that moves on the wheels through the outlet.

Which pump is best for the well

Centrifugal pump is indispensable when downloading pure spring water, but this unit does not tolerate the presence of even the smallest particles of sand.

When choosing a pump you need to know the depth of your well. The distance to the mirror surface, the level of purity of well water.

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