Which is better well or a well near her house?

which is better well or well

In many suburban partnerships the water is fed at the time, where water supply do not, and plants need moisture, especially in the hot summer.

This problem usually applies to novice gardeners only mastered their future beloved country.

The first thought that occurs own water source. The decision is correct, it remains to decide which is better well or well.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the first and second option.

The borehole or well

If you refer to specialists in a particular field, one will be assured that better than a well — others will say.

Actually it all depends on the hydrogeological features of your site and for what purpose you will use the water.

Groundwater may occur at three different depths. Close to the surface – trolling rod layer, hereinafter – the shallow and the artesian.

Trolling rod water layer is almost on the surface, it is not stable, and filled by rain and melt water in the spring.

Very often until mid-summer dwindles or dries up completely. Of course to drink water from this layer of the.

The clay layer, which also lies relatively deeply about 5-12 meters. If the depth is minimal, it is best to dig a well.

Moreover, it is possible to do it yourself, to know yourself. The main thing to stock up on materials: the concrete rings, cement, sand and so on. and to have the desire.

Twelve-well, the idea is highly questionable, in this case we can say with confidence that it is better well.

The moisture extracted from that depth, usually suitable not only for irrigation, but also drinking. Before drinking the water from the suburban area, necessary to give to the lab to do a chemical and bacteriological analysis.

If you want a better water or ground is missing, one way out, artesian well. It is quite costly and without the professionals can not do.

The estimate will include the work, the cost of the pump for the well, underwater pipes, filters and other additional equipment.

Besides all the above, there are other moments. For example, in the absence of the mains voltage, the hole will be empty and pump service, without professionals can be challenging. This applies to the deep boreholes.

Of course who would not say, and to decide which is better well or well every cottager should own, depending on terrain and hydrogeological features of the site.

If problems with the electricity and how many there are service companies in your area. On the other hand, when the construction of the villas are finished, the machine to drill wells to drive, it may not be possible.

I also could not decide, but then I thought better, and more. Currently I’m at the cottage there is a well and well, what actually I am glad for more than fifteen years.

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