Which is better laminate flooring or parquet in the construction of villas

parquet doska

In the construction of villas and a choice of flooring from natural wood, the owners of a suburban area, the question arises, what is better laminate flooring or parquet?

Any of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, each person makes the choice on their own criteria.

In the article we will carefully consider floorboard.

Parquet Board

Parquet is an excellent alternative to more expensive flooring. Moreover, based on experience and feedback from customers it is clear that in appearance and quality it is almost equal and the cost is less. In the construction of villas the most suitable material.

The advantage of the floorboard before synthetic coatings is increased resistance to deformation, long-term preservation presentation and resistance to abrasion.

Besides, let’s not forget that for its production is used natural wood.

This flooring is glued of three layers, each of which performs specific functions and has its structure.

The top is made of valuable solid wood, it carries the main load, it depends on the quality and shelf life of the product.

The following layers parquet boards made from cheaper species, as well as manufactured by special technology.

The middle layer plays the role layer. He gives the coating resistance to temperature extremes and humidity.

Usually made of slats, resinous conifers. Has the grooves for the connection of all layers of the floorboard.

The bottom layer, as a rule, is a plywood made of birch, alder, pine or spruce. Going parquet Board by gluing under pressure.

The surface is covered with a durable lacquer that increases durability and resistance to scratches.

Parquet Board has a easy process of installation, which is another advantage over the laminate and parquet floors in the construction of villas.

Installation can be done even at high humidity conditions, the substrate must be smooth, clean and dry.

The old flooring lay parquet Board, it is better the Foundation, the concrete. Floor mounted two ways: adhesion to the substrate and

floors from parquet boards

«floating», without using glue.

For a standalone installation of flooring at the cottage and the apartment will suit the first method and the second to attract the best professionals. The service life of the floorboard calculated from 20 to 40 years.

If you make a choice between laminate, parquet flooring and parquet, in the opinion of many gardeners for flooring it is better to use the latter, especially since it does not require special care.

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