Which is beneficial to grow in the country

which is beneficial to grow

Not all gardeners possess sufficient land area for vegetable garden, and then have to make a choice between crops that are profitable to grow in the country, and those that it is better to buy.

After all, growing even vegetables and berries can significantly save the family budget, and sometimes even multiply.

It remains only to decide which plants to stay below the result was positive. Consider the case with strawberries.

Which is beneficial to grow in the country

Advantages of growing strawberries is obvious, it is one of the most expensive and ripening berries.

In June, the first harvest will be on the market, and if it is to put the entire section of the garden, then the money in the fall you can buy for the whole winter carrots, cabbage, potatoes and so on.

By the way, the benefit also lies in the fact that you don’t need special training or additional equipment.

There are many technologies of cultivation of this fruit in small areas. For profitable cultivation in the country of strawberries, it is better to use early varieties with large and tasty fruits.

Also profitable to grow in the country strawberry seedlings. This could be a very lucrative business.

Some of the seedlings planted as Queen cells derived from them whiskers are grown and sold. In season seedlings a very good demand.

However, there already are guided by consumer demand, and to give preference to the needs of the popular classes in your area.

The benefits of farming in the country this fruit can be increased if you approach it with the standpoint of the business.

The fact that strawberries are expensive in the beginning of the season, when the competition is still small, at the peak of productivity prices fall, then the sale should stop.

Berry better to invest in containers to freeze, and in winter, the new year, to successfully sell more expensive.

For freezing is advantageous to grow in the country the berries are dark-colored varieties, such as: «Fireworks», «Corrado», «Torpedo», «vesnianka», they retain a nice flavor and strawberry flavor.

Which is beneficial to grow in a greenhouse

To get the maximum benefit of growing in the greenhouse, the first

which is beneficial to grow in a greenhouse

place flowers, then herbs and vegetables on the third.

If the site is small, of course, better to give preference of spices: parsley, onion, dill and so on. According to experts, greens four times more profitable to grow than vegetables.

The cultivation of plants in greenhouses, cheaper in southern regions than in the North, as the transportation of finished products cheaper than the cost of maintaining greenhouses.

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