Which box is better to put in the house?

wooden Windows with double glazing

Recently enjoyed great popularity plastic window, they were considered universal and workable.

But over time, began to give way to another kind of glass, namely wood.

Manufacturers of such Windows as the development of different technologies can have such major flaws, as the hygroscopicity and Flammability, while retaining their basic dignity, a natural material.

In every home or apartment hardwood double glazing can create a pleasant family atmosphere and a unique comfort.

Profile of the wood does not lose its original good qualities, thanks to modern processing become more resistant to various deformations.

The wood is a large number of stages, multistage drying, using various colors and high quality components.

For production of wooden double-glazed Windows are used high quality materials and modern equipment. Due to these factors, these Windows will long to please their owners.

If you compare wooden Windows with plastic, then there is nothing to prevent the process of micro-ventilation in the room, thus ensuring both the necessary heat and sound.

It can be noted that wood has such advantages as high strength, low acoustic and thermal conductivity, frost-resistance, easy machinability, the ability to maintain the humidity in the home, sustainability, recycling, small expansion coefficient, making the wooden profile is not compressed in the cold and expands in heat.

Besides all this, wooden Windows compared to the PVC Windows have another advantage, namely, their unique aroma, which is able to refresh and tone the body, maintain a natural temperature and humid level in the room.

Windows treated with a special antiseptic in the production process, and then covered with paint that should be resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

The main competitor of plastic Windows are wooden Windows with double glazing. They never managed to outdo wooden Windows because they have a number of disadvantages, the main is integrity, which can lead to condensation, resulting in the greenhouse effect, which means that the room violated the humidity.

The durability and quality of plastic Windows depends on the experience and expertise of the people that install them.

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