Where and how to grow a garden of daisies?

garden cultivation of chamomile

Garden daisies are one of the most versatile plants.

They can be planted as ornamental lawns, parks, flower gardens in front of the house, at their summer cottage and in the garden among the trees.

Everywhere they look very nice and gentle.

Garden grown chamomile is usually of two colors: blue and white.

They grow a huge Bush and are constantly interchangeable. That is, during the summer and fall on the ground faded, there are new buds and blossoms.The duration of the Bush in one place for 3-4 years. Then it is better to plant out and replant in another place that the plants are not degenerated.

Chamomile winter well under the snow and do not require a separate cover. They are very unpretentious to the soil and are not suffering from weed.

Watering should be moderate and not very often – 2 times a week in hot weather. If the summer was rainy enough, then the extra watering they practically do not need.

Chamomile can grow in sun or shade. This in no way affects the quality of flowering.

Sit leucanthemum is possible by seeds, rhizomes or cuttings. Seeds can be planted directly in the ground in the fall or spring. Seedlings appear on the 20th day and grow quickly.

But in this planting, the plants bloom only in the second year. You can plant chamomile seedlings.

Then they should seed be sown in March-April in good soil and grow until the time of landing, which you define in your region.

In this case, the plant may bloom in the first year of planting. Planted seedlings can be immediately after the April spring frost, when their recurrence is reduced to zero.

After planting seedlings can be a little feed. Sit leucanthemum also need spring or fall, before or after the beginning of flowering.

Rhizomes are divided into small parts, trying to make each section of the main root, intended for transplantation, had a sufficient number of maskoobraznym small roots.

To put such «delenki» you need shallow, but to try to fill the rhizome. Grow such planting is also very good.

There is another method of reproduction of these colors – cuttings. For landing separated by a rosette of small shoots which are planted in the middle of summer with a slice of

garden cultivation of chamomile


Planted «socket» sprinkle loose soil and leave to germinate. Chamomile is very beautiful in lawns, flower beds, gardens.

But there is a special sort of dwarf daisies, intended for borders. These flowers are good not only for stationary cultivation, but under a cut for bouquets.

Personally, I love daisies and flower beds and bouquets are constantly grow them on the dacha.

But because of the fact that they are very unpretentious, I boldly put them between the trees in the garden. It turns out a good design!

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