When to sow the green manure

When to sow the green manure

If from year to year to exploit the land on the site, it starts to dwindle.

To help gardeners in the sale is a large variety of different fertilizers.

But those who focused on organic farming, seek chemistry not to get involved.

Natural fertilization of the land is the cheapest, affordable and environmentally friendly way to enrich the earth.

And along with the use of organic matter (manure, compost, peat, bone meal) gardeners often in my practice began to use other ancient way to sow green manures.

The most popular among farmers are the lupines, vetch, rye, oil radish, mustard, phacelia ravintolasta, etc.

The use of «green fertilizers»

Natural farming is used not because gets for free, the green manures have a powerful enough «arguments» to refuse their application.

  • Green manure fertilizer to your root system is able to raise from the depth of subsoil nutrients closer to the surface of the earth, and contribute to the enrichment of topsoil.


  • The same roots, developing good soft earth, giving her the opportunity to «breathe». This improves the moisture absorption.


  • Green shoots of green manure in its composition all the essential soil minerals for better harvest of major crops.


  • Most of the plants that are planted as green manure, can be called «health garden». They cope well with many pests, fungi, bacteria. Green manures also a great protection of the beds from unwanted weeds – they simply evicted from the site.


When is the best time to sow green manure

When the question arises as to what points and how to sow green manure, it is necessary to consider what plant you mean. Each type of natural fertilizers is their planting dates.

  • For example, lupine is recommended to plant plots for 2 years, if the soil its structure is not quite suitable for cultivation of vegetable crops. Lupine seed are sown in spring technology of the formation of the lawn. This planting will not only improve soil, but also decorate your appearance section.


  • Phacelia is a great precursor to many cultures. Drop the plant twice a year: before winter in order to spring to enrich the soil, and after harvest of early vegetables before planting other crops.


  • Pancake radish can be sown at any time in the beds where already harvested and not planned planting of other crops. Regardless, sowed the green manure in July, green mass is not touched until the spring. Then she just dug together with the ground.


  • Cruciferous sow green manure crops (e.g. white mustard) after harvesting the main crop, but closer to the fall, since they are plants, Skorospelka.

 The technology of planting green manure

Regardless of the choice of «green manure», the technology of planting the same. Before sowing the green manure, the soil should be well plowed and leveled.

Not to change the structure of the raised beds, many gardeners planted these plants are in rows, like vegetables.

But the best way would be arbitrary seed dispersion, pre-mixed with sawdust or sand.

When to sow the green manure

Then quite programit plot – cover crops lie at a small depth. To sprouts germination was uniform, the soil surface is rolled down.

From the feathered fans to feast on the seed beds should be covered with canvas or agricultural film. As soon as the sprouts hatch to the surface, the cover can be removed.

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